Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just The Basics

On a typical day for school I do a bit of searching on Pinterest the night before or the morning of school for a little outfit inspiration. After the first few weeks of school I become so overwhelmed on simply what to wear to school. Does anyone really care? Probably not, but I do! And I swear that every time I look on Pinterest all I see are the same things...quality denim, basic colors, and everyday tees. I've also realized that I don't even have some of the most basic things in my wardrobe that I should. The other day I wanted to wear a loose fitting white tee and some distressed jeans, but could not find a white t-shirt anywhere in my closet. As simple as these pieces are, I seem to be missing a ton of them! I definitely need to do an essentials shopping spree to purchase new denim and some basic shirts. That way I can pull together plenty of different looks, with so much ease. Here's what I'm envisioning...


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