Wednesday, September 16, 2015

{Outfit} Cooler Temps

The weather cooled down last week here in Chicago, but of course this week decided to return to temperatures in the mid 80s. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing jeans, long sleeves and a few more layers last week. After a very hot summer it's so refreshing to be able to wear pants or a sweater. I'm a little torn because I will for sure miss wearing running shorts and t-shirts, but I think I'll just transition to leggings and t-shirts.

I purchased this striped tee from the Nordstrom sale for under $20 and it has been such a great purchase. For such a low price you really can't beat it. I like it because it has a nice cut--being a little longer in the back--and it's my absolute favorite color. And what girl can't resist some stripes? I've been in dire need of a new fall shoe however. These Sperry's have been through thick and thin with me and I think it's time they headed for the garbage. Any suggestions? I'm open to anything!

What's your go-to outfit for cooler weather?


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