Friday, September 4, 2015


This week seemed a bit long, but it's finally Friday and the long weekend awaits! I'm hoping to go shopping this weekend because I came to the realization that I have absolutely no clothes to wear to school. The past couple years I haven't really gone back to school shopping, but just purchased items more for fall and as they were needed. I went through all of my clothes earlier this summer though and didn't truly realize how many things I got rid of until now. During the summer I tend to wear the same outfits over and over again just because I'm seeing different people. 

Aside from that, tonight we have our second home football game. Fall football games are my absolute favorite thing and I love how spirited all the kids get! Not to mention performing under the lights is just so much fun. Oh, and it's a long weekend. Cheers to the next few days of fun! Here are some links I've been loving.

+I really need your feedback on this site so if you'd kindly answer this survey so I can improve my blog even further! Thanks friends!

+I've already ran out of clothes for the school year so I'm definitely hitting up the J.Crew Factory sale this weekend. 50% off everything!!!

+I'm obsessed with Caroline's dress! It's seriously so cute and super cheap!

+I love this post from Sammy! I've talked about the SelfControl App before, but you can read more in depth on her post!

+Undeniable Report has relaunched! Be sure to check out their site for new (and awesome) posts, but also follow them on all their social media.

+College essays are sneaking up on me and I need to spend the weekend writing at least one. Here's a great study playlist.

+Prep Northwest has moved and I'm totally loving Connie's self-titled blog Constance Browne.


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