Friday, September 25, 2015


Tonight's the homecoming game and I'm so excited! This game is always super hyped and as a performer it's all the more fun when you have a large audience. And our dance is so fab, if I do say so myself. 

I'm not all that excited for the dance, just because everything hasn't been completely sorted out, but nonetheless I'm still hoping to have a good time. I am excited to wear my dress though and get all dolled up. Especially because I'm getting my hair blown out at Drybar, aka the best place ever! If you haven't tried it yet you seriously must! It's the cutest salon, complete with all appliances and accents being bright yellow. I haven't decided on a style yet, but I'm going to ask my stylist what she thinks when I arrive for my appointment.

Here are a few fun things I've found this week

+I really love this post from the Undeniable Report about finding the right school for you; it definitely feels fitting with the stress I'm feeling regarding college applications

+Additionally, if you missed HerCampus & McDonald's video webcast all about college you have to see it! I can't even tell you how much I learned from the broadcast. Check it out here! It's so worth your time I promise!

+Improve your Instagram feed by reading this article

+I'm so excited to be a high school ambassador for HerCampus this year! I've been checking out their site more in depth recently and they have so much incredible content that you need to check out. Complete with the best Chuck Bass' moments

+I'm in love with Caitlin's skirt in this outfit post!

Have an exciting weekend!


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