Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Welcome September

Oh hey there fall, is that you? We're a week into September and it's feeling a bit bittersweet. I obviously love summer and fall, but it's always a difficult transition. Summer seems to be all fun and games, but fall is back to school, yet there are so many things to look forward to. Last fall I was so great at posting consistently and doing tons of outfit posts. Let's reminisce, shall we?

Last fall also was the time when I chopped off practically all of my hair! I kind of miss my hair being super easy to do everyday, but at the same time now I don't even have to do anything with my hair because it's long enough just to wear natural. This fall I'm excited to do plenty of outfit posts, make my Instagram feed look super autumnal, and have plenty of photoshoots in scenic locations!

What's your favorite thing to do in the fall?


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