Thursday, October 29, 2015

10 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Every year for Halloween I always leave my costume until the last minute and end up being some terrible costume that doesn't even make sense. This year I planned accordingly and decided ahead of time what I wanted to be. This year two of my best friends and I are being Mean Girls. It's actually an easy costume to pull off. I'm Regina so I'm wearing a black mini skirt, a shirt that says, "On Wednesday's we wear pink", and a pink sweater over it. And you can't forget the tacky "R" necklace! The majority of our costume pieces we found at thrift stores, but the rest we had lying around the house. Here are ten other last minute Halloween costumes that you can totally put together quickly!

1. Serena & Blair
Plaid skirts, button up shirts, high've pretty much got the look down. Be sure to wear super voluminous and windswept hair if you're Serena and sport the iconic headband if you're Blair.

2. A pineapple
Featured in the photo above all you need for this look is a yellow dress (or white dress dyed yellow) and use this DIY hat! You could also wear an oversized yellow t-shirt if that's easier to find.

3. Angel/Devil
This is definitely one of the easiest costumes because you probably have everything around your house! If you're the angel wear all white, if you're the devil wear all red. Create a halo or horns and you're set!

4. Frat boy
If you have a brother you've already got everything you need for this costume. Steal some khaki shorts and a button up from him. Wear a backwards hat, sunglasses & croakies, an untied bow tie and anything with an American Flag. Don't forget your red solo cup!

5. Risky business
All you need for this is black shorts, an oversized white button up, tall white socks & a pair of sunglasses. Just about the easiest costume ever.

6. Bandit
Grab a long sleeved striped tee, black leggings, and a black beanie (and or black mask). Use a white pillowcase and draw a $ sign on it. You're set!

7. Wednesday Adams
All you'll need is a black dress, black tights and black shoes. Add a collar to the dress by wearing a shirt with a peter pan collar underneath it. Put your hair in a middle part and wear two braids.

8. Miranda Sings
So this isn't the cutest costume, but it's totally hysterical. Get some red sweatpants and either a pinstripe button up shirt or a thrifted sweatshirt. Wear your pants super high waisted and tuck in the shirt. Wear your hair in a middle part with it pinned back on both sides with bobby pins. Don't forget to add a bunch of lipstick!

9. Tris (Divergent)
This was probably more of a thing last year, but this is definitely one of the easiest costumes. Wear all black, throw your hair in a ponytail and use a black market to draw on her bird tattoo. As simple as that!

10. Damian from Mean Girls
If all else fails...grab a hoodie (tied around your face), dark sunglasses, and a sign that says "she doesn't even go here" and you're all set. Everyone will definitely know who you are.

What are you being for Halloween this year?


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