Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Today is my eighteenth birthday and it's feeling so surreal. I seriously feel like I just got into high school, not that I'm headed off to college in less than a year. I expected my senior year to be like HSM 3, and actually it sort of is. I'm feeling like Troy in that torn stage where he has no idea where he wants to go to college, is lost about life and uncertain about his future. Truly I want everything to just slow down, but I think I need to become enveloped and excited in the future. 

Nonetheless I'm happy to celebrate yet another birthday! I typically have school off for my birthday (because of Columbus day weekend), but I'm kind of excited to go to school on my birthday this year. And head to my guilty pleasure of Taco Bell for lunch with my friends.

Seventeen was a year of huge changes in my life with plenty of new friends, a new blog and just overall a ton of fun. I hope eighteen can measure up!

Cheers to another year!



  1. Oh my goodness happy late birthday!! I hope you had an awesome day :) Senior year is the best, embrace it!! P.S... love the HSM reference!!

    xoxo, Mal