Friday, October 9, 2015


Happy weekend! Tonight we have another home game for football and so far our team is doing really well. Being my senior year each game means so much more to me because it's getting so close to being my last! I also cherish all the time I get to spend with my team because my four years on drill team have completely flown by.

This weekend I'm celebrating one of my good friend's birthday and then my birthday (which is on Tuesday!). I can't believe I'm going to be eighteen. I'm hoping to relax a little this weekend because this week at school was pretty crazy and I'm quite exhausted. Here's what I'm loving this week!

+34 Ways To Pamper Yourself
I've been feeling more stressed than ever recently and I'm definitely in need of a little r & r. I'm hoping to at least soak in a bath at some point this weekend, but all of these ideas are so fab. I totally love idea #34!

+Tips for Studying At The Library
Ashley from Lilly & Lemons seriously has the best advice ever on pretty much everything, and I'm totally loving her tips for studying this week. I'm pretty sure I just never learned how to study and this is definitely a skill I need to get before college rolls around.

+Starbuck's Drinks Rankings
HerCampus gave the rankings of the best Starbuck's drinks and I have to say that this was so funny to read. I'm #basic and of course, love Starbuck's. The top three on the list are my favorites. A caramel macchiato will always have my heart.

+Belle of the Ball
My latest obsession. I absolutely love reading all her posts and looking for outfit inspiration on her site. She has such cute pieces and pairs them so well. And her hair is absolutely beautiful!

+Spire & Co.
Smart Girls Group just relaunched as "Spire & Co." and you need to check them out. I think you're going to totally love the new direction they're headed. I'm so in love with this new, mature look for their site, but their content is still fresh & exciting!

What are you loving this week?

& have a great weekend!



  1. Kate you are gorgeous! I hope you end up having a relaxing weekend! Have fun at the football game!
    Miss Olivia Says

    1. Thank you Olivia! Hope you had a great weekend too! Xoxo!

  2. love this! you are stunning, I am obsessed with your outfit! xx,kenz