Monday, November 23, 2015

{A Guide To} Black Friday Shopping

I thought I'd get this post out early in the week so you have plenty of time to plan your Black Friday route. If you can't tell, I'm a little obsessed with Black Friday shopping. There's just something so fun about shopping in the middle of the night! My cousin Carly and I go every year, but each year we step it up a notch. Our first time was just going early to a couple of stores with her mom, but after that experience we realized we were missing out on so much in years past! This year we'll be hitting up every mall near me and snagging as much as we can! We go through the night now, leaving around 10 or 11 pm and returning at 5 the next morning. Here are my tips for survival!

+Do your research
Look ahead of time to see what sales are going on for Black Friday. Last year we didn't even check before we went so we didn't end up getting that great of deals. This year I've been doing my research and checking what some of the deals are so I know what stores I want to go to. I don't feel like Black Friday has the most amazing deals in the world, the reason I go is because I think it's so fun to shop in the middle of the night #shopaholic.

+Make a plan
You don't have to plan out every single second of your night, but plan ahead which malls you're going to and what stores you'd like to go to. Be sure to also check local mall hours to see what stores will be open and what time they'll be open. Last year Carly and I went to a mall near us only to find that only a few of the stores were even bust.

+Prepare for long lines and big crowds
Black Friday is a big event and you have to be prepared for long lines at stores and large crowds of people. At one of the malls we went to last year I had never even seen a crowd so big at that mall before. It's going to be crowded so plan accordingly. 

Last year I knew I would be driving around all night so I bought a giant Red Bull to help keep me alert at night. This was a great idea and I didn't feel tired until the last few stores we went to. Starbucks and/or Dunkin Donuts will most likely be open to get your coffee fix. You're going to need the energy to be shopping all night!

+Be safe
Black Friday shopping can be dangerous though. For one people are especially desperate to get the best deals so they can be a little feisty in the stores. But also, there are plenty of drunk drivers out from Thanksgiving so if you're driving late at night/early in the morning you need to be especially aware of this. 

If all fails, there's always Cyber Monday...

Do you go Black Friday shopping?


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