Thursday, November 19, 2015

Get It Done

Senior year is not what I expected whatsoever. I imagined breezing by in school, applications not taking up all of my time, and drill team being all fun and spirit. Boy was I wrong! This year has been the most stressful yet, but college is in the near future that it's motivating enough to get things done. Today I'm sharing my tips with you on how to get sh** done. I am definitely a procrastinator, but this year especially it has been crucial that I complete things in a timely fashion because deadlines are deadlines and schools are not going to care about why you "couldn't turn something in on time". Here's my advice to get things done, & fast.

+Change your space
One of my favorite places to do work is Starbuck's. I bring my backpack and laptop, buy a drink and settle down at a table where I can work undisturbed. My favorite drink choices include a strawberry acai, iced caramel macchiato or a passion tea lemonade. I find that a change of space is the best thing for me to actually focus and get everything done. I also function best when I don't have anyone to complain to about my stress, homework or whatever is irritating me at the moment. At Starbuck's I can just plug in my music, sip my drink and work. 

+Keep yourself motivated
Whenever I'm feeling swamped with applications I like to remind myself of why I'm completing these applications. As silly as it sounds I like to look up pictures, bid day videos and more of the schools I'm applying to. This makes me extra motivated to go to college because it looks like so much fun.

I've talked about this app before, but I'll bring it up again because I'm obsessed with it. SelfControl is an app you can install on your computer that restricts the websites you're allowed to use for a designated amount of time. You can specify these sites using a BlackList. This BlackList is the list of websites you're not allowed to go on during the time span. Some of these for me include YouTube, Pinterest, Netflix and a few blogs I tend to read when I am getting distracted. This is the best app I've ever come across! It keeps you SO focused because you can't do anything besides your work. 

What are your tips to staying focused?

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