Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How To // Recover From A Workout

This year my dance team has really stepped it up in strength and conditioning training. Each Wednesday we dedicated 2.5 hours to all cardio, technique and conditioning. Let me just say, it's pretty much he**. As stressful and painful as it is, I've definitely noticed a huge improvement in myself as a dancer and in my overall shape. I'm not the biggest fan of working out, but when I'm forced to do it I feel so good after it's complete. These Wednesday workouts are super strenuous on my body though and I find myself going to school the next day super sore, tired and just out of sorts. These are my best tips to recovering quickly from an intense workout and what you can do to help the soreness that usually occurs from it.

+Cool down
This is one of the best things for your body after a physically demanding workout. Personally, I love stretching both before and after a workout. I always notice that if I stretch and do a bit of a cool down after a workout I am much less sore the next day. It is a huge help! It only takes a few extra minutes too! I recommend stretching out whatever muscles you were working the most during your workout which for me is my hamstrings.

+Take a rest
Although this isn't always an option I try to get extra rest after a super tough workout. Usually for me this is completing my homework earlier than normal so I can sleep a few extra hours to help my body recover from my workout. Depending on what's going on during my week this might not always be an option, but even an extra 30 minutes of sleep than you usually get will still help!

+Keep working out
What usually gets me out of sync is doing a super tough workout and then being so sore that I take a few days to reduce my soreness before working out again. Yet, what I really should do is power through the soreness and still workout (yet do a less strenuous workout). This gives your muscles another workout, but doesn't entirely overwork them.

+Eat healthy
This seems like a no brainer, but I felt that I should still mention it. You'll feel so much better after working out if you're eating right and not stuffing your face with sweets "rewarding" yourself for working out. After a workout go for something like a smoothie so you're getting the sweetness, but it's packed full of fruit!

Last week I was ridiculously sore from all of my competition practice. We didn't have school on Thursday, but I had a three hour competition practice. I decided to stay in and relax on Thursday night and ended up stumbling upon this yoga for soreness video on YouTube. I thought I might as well give it a try and it actually helped so much. The next day I went to practice and everyone was feeling super sore, but I didn't feel sore at all! It was incredible!

What are your tips for recovering from a rough workout?


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