Thursday, November 5, 2015

Let's Chat: College Apps & Senior Year

Long time no chat. Senior year is much more socially and academically demanding than I expected and I'm still struggling to balance everything out. I wish I could say that blogging has still remained a priority on my list, but it truly hasn't. Currently I'm in the transition of fall to winter sports, tons of practice for my competitive dance team, spending time with friends and of course the dreaded college applications. I'd like to give you guys a little update and also share where I stand with this blog.

I've mentioned drill team so many times on my blog before, but if you're still unsure of what it is it's like the dance/poms team at my school. As much as I love being on the team and being a captain this year it's extremely time consuming. The season lasts both fall and winter, so that's six months of the school year. With two hour practices four days a week and two and a half to three hour practices additionally one to two times a week it gets to be a lot. This year has been so incredible on the team and I seriously wouldn't trade it for anything, but it's easy for me to push blogging back because I'm so committed to drill, on top of school. 

Amidst everything else I am somehow supposed to manage completing college applications on time. This is probably what I'm doing the worst at. It's easy for me to push back completing applications because some of my deadlines aren't for a little bit, but it's so easy for them to sneak up on me. Luckily the majority of my applications are on the Common App so it's simple to apply and use the same essay. I've put myself in a tough situation, applying to 11 schools just because I have no idea of where I want to go to school anymore. For so long I was dead set on going to California and this still remains a dream of mine, but I had to apply to a couple schools closer to home and a few schools in other locations across the U.S. I've submitted two applications already and was accepted to both of these schools. Although these schools aren't my top choices and aren't extremely selective in applications, it's satisfying to know that I've at least gotten in somewhere

It's safe to say that senior year has been a whirlwind of so many things, but so far it has been amazing. For some reason everything has greatly changed since junior year including my close friends, work ethic and overall priorities, but isn't change good? Junior year I peaked socially and I think senior year is just me figuring out my groove and attempting to have the greatest year with my best friends before heading off to college. 

With all of that said I'm really going to strive to be much more consistent with posting next week and the next few months. It's unacceptable (especially because I wrote about blogging in a lot of my college essays) and not something that I want to have low priority. I hope you're all having an amazing week!

How's your year going?


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