Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Winter Styles

I feel like it's too early to be posting about winter, but with the weather we've been having it seems totally fitting. I'm totally dumbfounded by the intense snow we had over the weekend and on top of that the leaves still continue to fall. It's such a weird thing to see leaves on top of snow...

Anyways, I've been in search of the perfect winter coat and have yet to find it. I have a navy toggle coat from Asos that I totally love, but I need more of a snow coat that's made out of legit "winter coat" material. I'm dying for one with a fur hood and I've found so many options, but none that are just quite right. I've also been picturing my winter style and I'm picturing black ankle booties, plenty of scarves, cowl neck sweaters, and lots of (faux) fur. Here's a what I'm envisioning.

I was channeling my inner European street stylist on this post. I'm totally loving the effortless look of neutrals and tons of warmth this winter.

What are you thinking of wearing this winter?


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