Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#12DaysOfKate {My Favorite Vest}

Vests are my absolute favorite. I find myself constantly grabbing a vest rather than a coat almost always. They make for the perfect outerwear piece and I have quite a few in my collection. Although my two J.Crew excursion vests will forever be loved, this Patagonia vest is my new favorite. The "Los Gatos Vest" is the newest addition to my vest collection and definitely a newly coveted piece. I had wanted this vest for over a year before I decided to splurge a bit and purchase it. It's not too expensive (for around $100), but I wasn't sure how much wear I'd really get out of it. To my surprise I find that it matches everything, fits so well and is overall super versatile. The fit is more snug than my quilted vests, but I like it that way for this style! 

Unfortunately, this vest is sold out in so many places (tears, I know), but it will most definitely be restocked in the spring. It's so worth the wait though! Last year I wanted this for Christmas, but it was sold out literally everywhere and took a while to restock before I ended up ordering it in the fall. I highly recommend this vest if you're looking for a new signature piece that is super cute and comfortable!

One of my favorite ways to wear this vest is with a total black outfit. This features all the attention on this stunning vest. Plus, it's an easy way to be super cute and also comfy (leggings and an oversized sweaterr = best outfit ever!).

Sorry about the lack of photos in this post! A lot of them my hair looked absolutely horrible in and a bunch of them were blurry too!

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  1. That vest looks so cozy and cute!
    Rebecca x