Tuesday, December 8, 2015

5 Ways to Get in The Christmas Spirit

Ever since I entered high school it has always been especially difficult for me to get into the Christmas spirit. I think it's because finals are typically a week before Christmas and I'm too focused on passing my classes that I can't fully get into the holly jolly spirit! Each year I try harder and harder to enjoy the holiday season and I'm especially thankful that this year is my last year in high school for Christmas. Next year I will have a much longer break so I can truly enjoy the holiday season.

I completely understand that studying for final exams is always the priority during the holiday season, but here are five ways to get in the Christmas spirit.

+1. Create a playlist
Christmas music being on constant repeat is probably the best thing about the holiday season. I love listening to festive tunes while in the car on the radio, but when I'm at home I love listening to my own personalized playlist, complete with all of my favorite Christmas songs. I shared this playlist with you too! Read more here. Even if you're caught studying you can totally play Christmas tunes softly in the background!

+2. Decorate for the holiday season
I've attempted to keep focus during these past few weeks of school, but sometimes your brain just needs a break. Whenever I'm feeling swamped or my brain is fried I like to take a study break and do something fun. The other day I took my break to print out fun pictures from Pinterest (are you following?) to create a cute gallery wall. I decorated my wall during the summer with bright fun images, but I decided it was time for a change! Take a look at my Christmas board for inspiration.

+3. Give & be kind
The Christmas season isn't all about the presents and Santa Clause. Christmas is about giving to those that need it and also being kind to others. Just doing something as simple as complimenting someone can truly make their day. Try giving at least 3 genuine compliments a day this holiday season. Also, give to those in need. Adopt a family for Christmas and buy them gifts they could not otherwise afford, send a love letter to those struggling, or donate change to the Salvation Army.

+4. Bake something festive
I have yet to take advantage of my new kitchen, but I'm hoping to whip up some Christmas cookies before Christmas. Baking Christmas cookies is one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season because it is so much fun and so delicious! It's also super fun to gift these cookies to family and friends. I'm in a few secret santas this year so I'm hoping to include a few homemade cookies with their gift. Check out these this adorable reindeer cookie recipe from my archive.

+5. Get shopping
This year I decided not to purchase all of my Christmas gifts on Black Friday because although I got really great deals I realized it took a lot of the fun out of Christmas shopping. I love going shopping with my mom and sister a few days before Christmas Eve to get any final presents. It's so much fun to enjoy a warm drink, walk in the brisk winter air, and appreciate the many lights and decorations in the malls near me.

What are your favorite things to do during the holiday season?


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