Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gift Guide {Under $25}

I'm part of way too many secret santa's this year, but thankfully $25 seems to be the limit for the gifts. I love buying people presents during the holiday season, but it tends to add up when you're buying for multiple family members and friends. Here are a few gift ideas that won't break the bank!

Gift Guide {Under $25}

One of my favorite gifts I ever received from a secret santa was a pair of pajamas from Old Navy. I remember falling in love with them from the start because they were oversized and so comfy. Although I couldn't find a super cheap pair of pajamas, I think all of these would make great gifts. You can truly never go wrong with simple winter accessories; a cute scarf or pom pom hat. Also, beauty items are super easy because they also tend to have holiday sets for sale.

If you're totally unsure of what to get someone just go for something you'd like and give a gift receipt. More often than not if I'm buying for someone I don't know too well I like to think of what I'd like to receive and usually the person ends up loving what I pick!

What secret santa gifts are you giving this year?


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  1. I love Old Navy pajama bottoms! I always stock up on the fleece ones around December, they're so comfortable! A lot of them are on sale on their website now for under $10.

    - Lauren