Friday, December 4, 2015


I wish I could spend all of my time holiday shopping!

This week has been hell. Between long practices, piling homework and test overload I've had trouble keeping it together. Thankfully I only have a week plus finals before break (eep!). I cannot wait to be free from school & stress for two whole weeks. And I cannot wait for Christmas. It's just always difficult getting into the Christmas spirit when you have to study for exams. Anyways, I have my second dance competition tomorrow and a spirit assembly & basketball game tonight. I'm going to be exhausted by the end of Saturday, but I'm so excited to spend Sunday at the spa for my grandma's birthday. It will be much needed r&r. Here are a few things I'm loving. 

This is just about the coolest thing ever. I discovered it thanks to Olivia and I'm in love with this concept. Basically, each month they hand select four people to send love letter bundles to. That's where you, yes you, come in. They give a little backstory to the person who you'll write letters to and their address. Immediately after I found the site it said the letters needed to be in the mail by the fourth so I grabbed my cutest stationary and got writing! It's so amazing how these letters have changed peoples lives. A definite MUST try!

+What would your Gossip Girl life be like?
I'm a sucker for all BuzzFeed quizzes and especially when it has anything to do with Gossip Girl. Take the quiz and see. I got "Queen of the Upper East Side", what did you get?

+Freddy My Love
I recently discovered that one of my favorite YouTubers, Freddy, has a blog! First off, I love her channel because she has an obsession with pink and I'm in love with her accent. She's so beautiful, I'm not quite sure why she's not a Victoria's Secret model...but the photos on her blog are stunning. Not to mention her incredible style!

+25 Days of Christmas
Have you been tuning in to watch ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas? I've been watching The Santa Clause for the past two days. It's probably one of my favorites! View the complete schedule here. Also, is anyone else heated they're changing their name from ABC family to Freeform? I'm not sure how I feel about it...

Have an incredible weekend!


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