Thursday, January 28, 2016

3 Vegan Recipes to Try

I've always wanted to go fully raw vegan or just regular vegan, but it's always been such a hassle. In my house we eat meat practically every day so it can be very difficult to stray from routine. Earlier this week I decided to try going vegan for a week. For those that are vegan I completely understand that it's a lifestyle, but I'm not quite sure I'm ready (or would ever be ready) to fully convert my lifestyle to vegan. For now, I want to try going one week and see how it goes and take it from there! I truly believe that this will greatly benefit my health as I am the type of person that can often stray from healthy eating habits when I am not strict with myself. 

As far as eating goes so far I have found that a lot of my favorite foods are actually vegan. The most difficult thing is definitely dinner though because I typically like a comforting, hearty meal like chicken, steak or pasta. These are three recipes from an awesome vegan YouTuber that I found that I'm super eager to try. I made the lentil soup the other day and it was delicious! Not something I would necessarily make, but nonetheless it was super good. Tonight I'm trying the stuffed peppers which look absolutely amazing. I'll let you know how they are! :)

Here are three vegan recipes to try (also, on a budget!). 

You can watch the video here to see all the steps in action or read them here!

 Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Spicy Red Lentil Soup

Stuffed Bell Peppers

What recipe do you want to try?


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