Monday, February 29, 2016

"I Have Nothing to Wear" Outfits

I'm constantly one of those people to wake up and automatically think, "Ohemg. I have nothing to wear!" When this happens these are two of my go-to looks for actually looking put together, while still being comfy and casual. And these looks are created with staple pieces every girl should have in her closet. They're super easy to recreate so if you're having one of those days, refer to these two looks for inspiration. These looks are more for the spring/summer months, but can be changed to apply for the winter too! 

"I Have Nothing to Wear" Outfits

Look #1 // Grab your favorite striped tee (or plain tee), your go-to jeans and beloved pair of sneakers. This look is super basic, but also super cute! For this I opt to wear my hair down and loose or in a top knot.

Look #2 // This look is a little more dressed up, but still super casual. Wear a cute swing dress (any color or style) and pair it with a jean jacket. For shoes wear your favorite pair of sandals.

These looks are so simple and perfect for those days when you literally have nothing to wear!

Shop the looks below:

What's your go-to look when you have nothing to wear?

Friday, February 26, 2016

This Week's Lesson

Today I'm skipping class and heading skiing! I'm so stoked to hit the slopes and probably suck at skiing. I only go skiing once a year so each year I stick to the same slopes because I'm pretty much an intermediate skier. Every year my cousin Carly and I think about venturing to a new slope, but always back out because we're terrified we'll injure ourselves. This year my cousin Jake & I brought our GoPro's and are hoping to make some cool ski videos. Jake has pretty much all the equipment when it comes to GoPro so he's letting me borrow his selfie stick while I ski. I may ask him for some of his footage too for my video because he's mounting his camera to his helmet and also using a super long selfie stick. Also, I recently realized that I wasn't a fan of my "TGIF" posts so I decided to start posting more of an update of my week and something I learned from this week. 

Here's an update of my week. 

One thing I learned this week is definitely to try something before just giving up. This may sound like a no-brainer, but for me it was definitely something I needed to realize. Okay, so this year I decided to take an AP Computer Science class. Huge mistake. The teacher is super awesome, but it's not the type of material I can understand quickly. It's also not something that is super easy to pick up. You have to understand the material and also understand how to apply yourself.

This week my teacher was out for three days out of the five and I was immediately stressing. I was so worried because I needed to re-take a recent quiz and also get help on two of the recent assignments. For the first two days I literally sat there and shopped online because I just figured that I couldn't do the assignment without my teacher's help. Obviously, this was the wrong way to approach things.

Two days went by and I had made no progress on the assignment. Other kids in my class were already finished and I had barely done the basics of the assignment. The third day that my teacher was absent I realized that I actually needed to try something. Nothing is wrong with trying and failing. What I ended up doing was asking my friend who sits next to me for help on the basics of the assignment and then tried to do some of the other portions on my own.

Once my teacher returned he happily helped me fix what was wrong and also move on and finish the assignment. After all the stress of beginning the assignment I realized that the assignment wasn't even that difficult to begin with. Once I was finished with it I understood the concepts and also felt so much better about myself for completing the assignment alone rather than just copying off someone else. 

Basically, this week I learned to try something out before you give up on it. Sure, Java isn't my thing, but I do have to deal with the fact that I signed up to take this course for the rest of the year. 

What's something you learned this week? Also, do you like this new post idea?


Thursday, February 25, 2016

4 Spring Trends to Try

This past year I absolutely have been loving all the fashion trends. Seriously, I don't think I've seen better. I'm so excited to shop for some new spring essentials because everything is beyond cute. I recently bought a few new things, but there are so many more things on my list. Check out my top four spring trends and my favorite items in each. Also, for further reference here is Elle's guide to the best 2016 spring fashion week trends.

Also, be sure to check out my sister's blog and leave a comment! She's new to the blogging world and would love to have you check out her site. Be sure to show her some love ;)

Lace Up // I am so obsessed with this trend. I have yet to buy any lace up items, but trust me, there are so many on my list! I love it especially as college rolls around for me because there are so many fun "going out" pieces to wear! The low cut shirts can be super flattering, while not having a complete plunge.

Suede // Stuck in the 70's? Lucky for you suede is so in this season. I've been loving everything from suede crop tops, skirts and shoes. Although this seems more fitting for fall I'm eager to see the fun transition for spring and summer suede!

Bare Shoulders //  Off the shoulder has to have been one of my absolute favorite trends. I bought a tassel off the shoulder dress last year and wore it all the time. I also love the 'cold shoulder' trend. It's so fun and unique! Also, this text might be bold but I have literally no reason why because I kept changing it and it wouldn't work! 

Orange // Is orange really the new black? Not going to lie I was super skeptical about this trend when I first saw it but honestly, I'm kind of liking it now. I'll never be one to wear a solid orange dress or something of that sort, but orange pieces can be super fun and bright! Especially if paired with hot pink--super cute.

What are your favorite 2016 spring trends?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Coffee Table Reads

I know I'm not the only one that has practically planned every detail of their future apartment. When I get my own place I definitely want a unique coffee table complete with some of my favorite coffee table reads. Chairish has some amazing, unique coffee tables that would look amazing in my future apartment. I'm super obsessed with this two-tiered table and this recycled wood coffee table. I cannot wait to style my future coffee table with the essentials; fresh flowers, scented candles and of course, reading material. Here are my favorite coffee table reads. 

Coffee Table Reads

I have yet to get my hands on a few of these books, but I'm really hoping to soon! #1 on the list is the Kate Spade, All in Good Taste book. It's so aesthetically pleasing with the blush pink and wine rim stain. I've also always wanted the Lauren Conrad beauty book because she's basically my idol! You can never go wrong with the Humans of New York book. If you follow them on Instagram you have to read the goes so much more in depth and has so many incredible photos.

Shop my coffee table reads below!

Special thanks to Chairish for inspiring this post!

What are your coffee table reads?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spring Break Packing List

I have been craving a warm vacation recently. Last Saturday the weather was so nice. It was around 60 degrees, so obviously I spent the entire day outside! I ended up going to the Anti-Cruelty society downtown and looking at the puppies for sale! I have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember, but my mother always seems to feel differently about getting a dog. 

Ever since this nice weather, and the return of the cold weather, I have been dreaming of a beach vacation somewhere warm. Last year for spring break my mom, sister and I went to Los Angeles. We ended up visiting five different schools while there, four of which I applied to. It was honestly such a nice spring break because LA is my absolute favorite city! It was also nice because although it wasn't quite shorts weather, it was definitely warmer than Chicago. 

This year for spring break I am so so excited to go to Ecuador with my school. I've wanted to go on a school trip for such a long time now, but they've always been super difficult to find out about. I had to take the chance on this trip because I knew it was my last chance to go abroad with my school before graduating. I've been out of the country before, but only to Jamaica, Canada and Mexico, which aren't that far off of North America. 

One thing that I'm nervous about is packing for Ecuador. One of the teachers going with said to pack layers because although it's warm there, it cools down a lot at night. I'm also nervous about the sun because although it will only be high 60's-mid 70's, we're literally on the equator so the sun is super hot. We're also spending time in the jungle. Here's what I'm thinking of packing.

Ecuador Packing List

What are your plans for spring break?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Behind The Gram (Insta in Real Life)

This post was circulating last year, but I thought it would be so fun to bring it back. Instagramming is a huge part of being a successful blogger, and something I often fail at. I do not have a knack for taking cute pictures and editing them to perfection. Don't get me wrong I try, but I'm not nearly as successful as many other bloggers. I'm working on it though. It was one of my goals to Instagram more consistently and create a more aesthetically pleasing feed. I'm trying my best and now that it stays brighter out later I can finally get that lighting #keytosuccess. Here's a recap on some of my photos and what was actually happening. Also, read my first post about insta vs. reality here!

 Instagram...Oh yeah hmm which should I wear today? They're both so cute and perfectly laid out!
Reality...This took me a good 10 minutes to actually get laid out perfectly #foldingskills. I pulled out two of my prettiest pieces just to snap this photo, but of course didn't wear either of those.

Instagram...Casually matching with the American flag because I just love my country that much.
Reality...I'm too obsessed with the American flag so I forced my dad to hold this flag up behind me while he was grilling. It took me at least 30 photos to actually get one that I liked. I was also in dire need of a trim because look at those ends...ew.

 Instagram...Super cute cupcakes that are so candid! I had lots of friends to share them with too!
Reality...My friend is ridiculously obsessed with Sweet Mandy B's and bought herself an entire pack so she could eat them. Oh, and she ate all four of those in one day. #goals

 Instagram...Boutta head to brunch with the essentials! My Burberry scarf & Tory Burch wallet!
Reality...I got home from bunch and was about to climb back in bed because why not, but realized I hadn't posted on Instagram in forever. My mom got me this fake scarf somewhere on the streets of NYC so I was trying to hide the label that clearly stated it was not Burberry.

Instagram...Pen pals!! Yay!! Let's write letters!
Reality...This one isn't a total lie. I really do love writing letters and having pen pals, but this took me forever to get in the right set up. The pencils kept rolling so you couldn't see the cute messages on them, which, in fact, I only bought so I could use them in Insta posts...they're actually awful and the erasers don't work.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little peek behind the scenes of the gram and everything is not what it seems (Wizards of Waverly place reference anyone?). Share yours too! I'd love it read.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Current Moodboard

I'm actually obsessed with Pinterest & Tumblr. It's kind of unhealthy how much time I spend on both of these social media sites. I like them both better than Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat. Honestly, whenever I'm in need of inspiration P & T are always there. I've compiled a few of my favorite images as of current moodboard. I'm in dire need of some sun and many of these images look forward to the spring and summer months (aka my favorite time of year). I absolutely cannot wait for spring to be here and warmer weather to arrive! 
Things I'm loving right now:

+beach hair
+tousled braids
+lace up shoes
+distressed denim
+one piece swimwear

What are you loving right now?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Daily Hair Routine

Oh how I miss when my hair was this length! 

I'm at a point where I have (more or less) come to peace with my hair. I've never been satisfied with wearing my hair natural because I find it to be annoying and too short to embrace my waves, so I opt to style it every day. For some reason I only appreciate my hair after I cut it. After I chopped off a ton of hair fall of my junior year I instantly fell in love with my old hair...WTF Kate. If I'm speedy, I can get my hair straightened in ten minutes--which isn't a bad sacrifice of time in the morning. Curling my hair takes more time because I have to make sure to straighten my hair about halfway down so that it isn't full of kinks. I really only curl my hair for special occasions, just because I find it to be far too time consuming in the morning. I typically only give myself 40 minutes to an hour to get ready so I'm not willing to sacrifice 30 of those minutes to curl it. 

Alright, let's begin with my hair care. I'm definitely not the best when it comes to taking care of my hair because I use heat on it practically every day. I attempt to make up for it by getting trims every so often and cutting off the dead ends. The shampoo and conditioner I have been using recently is the Dove daily moisture shampoo & conditioner. I fluctuate between different shampoos, just depending on what my mom buys, but I really have been loving this. The shampoo super clarifying for my hair and the conditioner makes my hair so soft. I massage my scalp with the shampoo for around 45 seconds (very important!) and then apply the conditioner only to the ends of my hair. I leave this on for around 5 minutes and then rinse it off. 

One of my best haircare secrets is to do a final hair rinse with cold water. This works wonders for shine! It is definitely difficult (especially in the winter), but it makes your hair look amazingly shiny!

After I'm out of the shower I like to towel dry my hair and use a paddle brush to brush through my hair. I try and be extra gentle because hair is super prone to breakage when it's wet. Then I apply my absolute favorite product ever the Matrix deep smoothing leave in cream. It is pretty expensive for a hair product, but it is seriously amazing for my coarse, wavy hair. It smooths all flyaways (and trust me, I have super annoying ones) and tames all frizz. This leaves my hair so so soft too. 

I typically let my hair air dry and then sleep on it. In the morning I use a tourmaline ceramic hair straightener to straighten my hair. I can't find the exact one that I have, but I got it from Marshall's forever ago for about $40. 

If my hair isn't cooperating that day I may use a few spritzes of hairspray to tame it. 

That's it! This was definitely a long post, but I wasn't sure how to shorten it exactly. Further questions? Email me here!

Friday, February 12, 2016


Woohoo! I am stoked for this weekend! Between a dreadful week (aside from hearing back from one of my top schools!) I'm so ready for the weekend. This weekend I'm having a team sleepover to celebrate the end of an amazing season. Not only that but it's also Valentine's Day! Although I don't have a Valentine I'm definitely going to spend Valentine's Day with my gal pals. Here's what I've been loving this week.


+Tommy Hilfiger's Plaza Penthouse is literally a dream come true & for only $68 million! What a steal!
+I'm 5'9" and the problems the Buzzfeed posted are too real.
+4 ways to celebrate love even if you're not in a relationship this Valentine's Day!


+The latest track from Zayn Malik featuring my absolute favorite, Gigi Hadid. I've been listening to this track on repeat lately.
+I don't know why but... I'm addicted to this YouTube channel.


+I need a pair of Birks in my life and I'm obsessed with these ones.
+One of my best friends has these pants and I'm convinced I need them too; recently I've been wearing all naturals and these could be a staple in my wardrobe.
+I've also been shopping for spring break essentials and this swimsuit is definitely on my list even though I'm not headed for a beach vacate.


+I'm going vegan for lent so I definitely want to try out these vegan Valentine's Day donuts.
+I was just talking to my friend about my favorite restaurants in Chicago and Summer House Santa Monica is probably my #1. If you're ever in town be sure to explore Lincoln Park & grab a bite to eat!

Have an amazing weekend!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Steal Her Style {Gigi Hadid}

The queen of street style has to be Gigi Hadid. For me, the obsession with Gigi began when the Victoria's Secret fashion show was released. I was on winter break a day earlier than most and I spent my first night of break watching and re-watching the fashion show. I was obsessed with the music and the models! Gigi and Kendall were new faces and they were incredible in the show. Gigi totally came out of nowhere for me, I was never familiar with her sis Bella and it seemed like instantly Gigi was the latest "it" girl. Her street style is amazing, but also super easy to recreate. Here are two different looks that you can get for less if you're trying to be like Gigi--which, I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to be her! #flawless! She has mastered the perfect athleisure look and her style is so effortless. Take notes, ladies. 

Get The Look : Gigi Hadid

Gigi's Essentials:
+oversized sunnies
+neutrals; grays, blacks & whites
+distressed denim
+loose/messy hair
+classic Adidas sneakers

Who's your style icon?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

3 Valentine's DIY's (Love is in the Air Linkup)

I was so excited when I was invited to linkup with an amazing group of bloggers. And I was stoked to share a few of my favorite (and easiest) DIY's for Valentine's Day. I shared with you a few ideas for throwing your own Galentine's Day party, but today I'm sharing three super easy and inexpensive DIY's to try for this Valentine's Day. I'm eager to try a few of these out myself!

Kissable balloons // All you need are white/pink/red balloons and a few different shades of your favorite long wear lipstick! Literally SO easy and super cheap!

Festive garland // Use twine and colored paper to create whatever your heart desires! My idea would be to use paper/felt to cut out hearts and decorate them to look like conversation hearts. Words like "LOVE", "BE MINE" and "VALENTINE" work great too! Embellish with metallic and glitter accents!

Dipped rice krispies // Rice krispies are probably the easiest treat ever because you need very few ingredients and you don't have to bake them. Make rice krispie treats and cut them into hearts. Dip one half of it in melted chocolate and add festive sprinkles! It's as easy as that!

How are you getting festive for Valentine's Day?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Galentine's Day Links

Who said Valentine's Day is only for couples? I'm planning on having a super fun Valentines Day, sans Valentine. I'm planning on having a fun night with girlfriends and most likely watching one of my favorite movies ever, Valentine's Day! Here are a few links to help you throw a super fun Galentine's Day!

Let's get down to the basics of any Galentine's Day party. Here are the essentials:
1. Photo booth--cute pics with you besties are always so much fun! Decorate with a pink sheet or create a pink and red tassel display!

2. Drinks--if you are over 21 definitely pop some champagne, but if you're under 21 (like me, sadly) stick to sparkling grape juice. Add fruit punch or any other red/pink colored drink to make it more festive!

3. Eats--anything pink & red will do. Valentine's M&M's are perfect party decor along with cute donuts, cookies, and truly anything sweet!

4. Chick flicks--one of my personal favorites is Valentine's Day, but check the link above for romantic movies to stream from Netflix.

5. Valentine's--I still love the tradition of giving Valentine's to those that you love. Each year I like to give my good friends personalized notes that say how much they mean to me. A little something sweet never hurts too :)

What are you doing on Valentine's Day?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine's Day Loves

Valentine's Day Loves

I  love Valentine's Day but I never seem to have a valentine (#foreveralone). I don't let that get me down though! Last year I spent Valentine's Day studying for the ACT, but this year I plan to spend it with my other single ladies and indulge in delicious sweet treats and romantic comedies.

If I were to receive anything for Valentine's Day my #1 favorite thing is flowers. My dad got my sister and I roses last year and it was so special and fun. I absolutely love having fresh flowers in my room so getting flowers is always my favorite! I also love all of the things on this list because they're so cute and of course pink! 

If you don't have a valentine this year, do not worry! For one, you can be completely satisfied alone and have a ton of fun with your gal pals on Valentine's Day! Stay tuned for tomorrow's post of a few ideas on what to do for a Galentine's day and Wednesday's post on fun & festive outfit ideas!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Drill Senior Night

Ahh it's Friday! Instead of today's typical TGIF today I'm sharing a little more personal and sentimental post. Tonight is my senior night for drill team and I've got all the feels. 
I've been on drill for the past four years and I truly cannot imagine my high school experience without drill team. (For those that aren't frequent readers, drill is basically the poms/dance team at my school). My freshman year I was not a fan of drill whatsoever. I completely hated being on JV and even considered not trying out the next year. I am so thankful that I did because I ended up making Varsity my sophomore year and having a ton of fun

Aside from loving dance, the best thing about drill team is the girls. I have made so many of my best friends from this team and they are truly people that I love spending time with. It's a difficult thing because you see these girls every single day so if you don't like one of them it can be challenging. Thankfully all of the seniors this year are actually my favorite people alive and I'm so glad that I was able to share an amazing year with them.
Drill is the longest season by far (six months) but this year it has completely zoomed by. It feels like I was just at tryouts and wondering who would be on the team this year. This year has been very different from the rest because of how time consuming this year was in comparison to others. Although I definitely got annoyed with constant practice/competitions I'm now so glad that I got to spend an excessive amount of time with all of my best friends.

The coaches are another amazing thing about this program. Our two head coaches are literally #goals for everything in life. They are so driven, hardworking and such incredible role models for all of the girls on the team. I have learned so much from them and they have also been there for me whenever I've needed it (umm being so stressed I almost quit the team sophomore year). You spend a lot of time with these ladies so they really get to know you and it's so incredible to have a great relationship with such successful women!

Each year for senior night the seniors are introduced with their parents on the basketball court. The dance is also super fun because it starts off with all of the Varsity team and then half way through the dance the underclassmen step off the court and just the seniors perform. It has been really nice only having six seniors on the team (and three managers) because it has allowed me to get close with each and every girl. At some point during the night we are also given books with letters from each of the underclassmen that are so special and sentimental. I remember compiling all the books last year for the seniors and when asked to make a speech as we gave them their books I began balling. I can't even imagine how emotional I'll be tonight!
It truly seems like I was just a sophomore on the team and handing the seniors their flowers and never even contemplating that in just a few short years that it would be me. I'm so excited to have such a fun and emotional evening, but I'm even more blessed to have had such an amazing experience on drill team during high school.

If you're contemplating joining a sport or team at your school I highly suggest to go for it. You won't regret it because it truly makes much more of an exciting high school experience. 

I am so thankful for drill making my high school career so funny, wild, exciting and overall incredible. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Daily Makeup Routine

When I was younger (around sixth/seventh) I had a wild obsession with makeup. I was constantly shopping at Sephora/Walgreens/Nordstrom and looking at all the makeup that was there. I also had a running list of all the products I wanted to buy. My friend and I even attempted to create a beauty YouTube channel...thank goodness we didn't and saved ourselves the years of shame to come.

Now that I'm older I don't have quite the obsession with makeup that I used to. I opt to wear just a bit of makeup each day to enhance my features, but never to cover up everything. In all honesty I love my freckles and don't want to cover them up and acne for me is sporadic so it's never too much of a concern. This is what I wear on a typical school day.

I start off with the Maybelline fit me concealer to conceal my dark circles and any blemishes/redness on my face. I'm not a fan of foundation so I basically just do spot concealing to give my face a more flawless finish. I then use my Clinique super powder to give a little more coverage to my face and also even out my skin tone. This also helps to mattify my skin and prevent oiliness throughout the day. I finish off my face makeup by using a bit of Lancome blush and countouring with NYC bronzer.

For my eyes I typically don't do much with eyeshadow, but if I'm feeling it that day I use the two matte brown shades from the Naked palette 'Naked' and 'Buck' to even out my eyelids and add a bit of dimension. If I'm using eyeshadow I make sure to prime my eyes using Urban Decay primer potion. For mascara I like to layer both the Clinique high impact mascara and the Maybelline clump crusher mascara.

It's as simple as that! I'm not super into dramatic makeup, especially when it's day time and I don't like to spend more than 15 minutes doing makeup in the morning.

What are your makeup essentials for every day?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

5 Things To Do in the Morning

**Life is waking up an hour early to live an hour more**

One of my new years resolutions was to create a morning routine and stick to it. I'm addicted to watching "morning routine" videos on YouTube so it seemed easy enough to channel my inner YouTuber and design a morning routine that's easy and functional for me, but most importantly one that I could stick to. As school started back up in January I opted to wake up between 6:15 and 6:30 rather than my old 7 am. I typically leave the house at 7:35-7:40 so waking up at 7 gave me minimal time to get ready in the morning and I was constantly rushing, just to get a few extra minutes of sleep.  I realized these extra minutes just weren't worth it and that I was much more awake anyways if I woke up earlier and did the things I wanted to in the morning. 

One tip I have is be sure to set your alarm across the room. For us night owls it seems that mornings are so rough and I used to press snooze at least seven times in the morning. Now because I have to actually get out of bed to turn my alarm off I typically just wake up, but if I'm feeling extra tired I'll take those extra nine minutes my alarm snooze gives me. Here are five things to do in the morning that will make your routine much more relaxing and also kickstart your day. Stay tuned for a morning routine (video!) to come to this blog in the near future!

+1. Avoid your phone
For one, getting on your phone the first thing in the morning is super distracting just because you'll get caught up in anything you "missed" on social media while you were sleeping. Let your morning time be for you and tune everyone out for a bit. I'm sure it can wait. This also saves time in your morning because you're not occupied on your phone when you could be getting ready.

+2. Eat breakfast
This is my absolute favorite part of my morning. Every morning recently I've been making maple sugar oatmeal with vanilla almond milk and blueberries for breakfast. Literally heavenly. It's especially nice to have a hot breakfast during the cold winter months and this is the perfect way to start your morning. Not only is it filling, but also delicious & decently healthy. 

+3. Make your bed
Another resolution of mine and it seriously has changed my morning. Sometimes I'm too lazy and my mom ends up making it (thanks Cath), but it's a great way to 1. avoid getting back into your warm bed and 2. get your room looking cleaner and feel productive. It takes literally 2 minutes so just do it!

+4. Make a morning playlist
My house is full of late sleepers so waking up around 6:30 every day is actually perfect. My dad has usually left for work already and my mom and brother are still sound asleep so I get a quiet house all to myself. It's great to relaxingly get ready for school while listening to chill tunes like Jack Johnson & John Mayer.

+5. Work out/get outside
Although I can't say I do this it is something I'd love to do once the weather warms up. I seriously wish I had a dog so I could walk my dog in the morning just to get outside, but sadly I have no pets. Once spring comes around I plan on going on a quick jog around the block or just walking and soaking in the morning sun. It's a great and peaceful way to start your morning.

What are the things you like to do in the morning?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Second Semester Senior

Oh, how I love being a second semester senior. For one, the workload is nothing compared to most of what I endured over the course of high school and also, at this point I feel that school is pretty much optional. Being a second semester has got me feeling all types of ways though (lol). 

A few weeks ago I was watching High School Musical 3: Senior Year and remembering the first time I saw it. It was for a friend's birthday when I was in fourth grade. I remember loving the movie, and imagining myself in high school, of course picturing lots of singing, dancing, and having my own Troy Bolton. High school has been quite the opposite. Zero singing, dancing (because I'm on the dance team) and a lack of hottie basketball players like Troy. 

As I watched the movie I couldn't help but accept the reality of my life. I'm a senior and I'm leaving high school in 4 months. What. Actually where did the time go? My cousin Carly and I used to play "high school" where we'd get all dressed up in denim skirts and ponchos (cute, I know!) and carry around purses and pretend like we were in high school. For some strange reason I was always trying to grow up and now all I want to do is slow down. Currently, I have no idea where I'm going to school, and no clue what my future holds. It's all so exciting, yet completely terrifying. I'm feeling exactly like Troy in "Scream"--not even kidding though.

It seemed like all of high school I was trying to get out and move on (even attempting to go to boarding school sophomore and junior year), but now all I want to do is stay. It's not so much the idea of high school that I like, but truly I don't do well with transitions. The transition from elementary to middle school and then middle to high school were so rough for me and I'm nervous as to how college will be. It will be extremely foreign not to walk down the same halls every day and see the same faces and have the same friends and live with my parents and have my mom make me dinner. 

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you're still in high school, embrace it. Don't try to rush the experience and head off to college early. Sure high school can suck sometimes and it's filled with drama and stupid stuff, but it's four years of your life where you get to be awkward and discover yourself and make mistakes. 

Being a second semester senior I'm trying to embrace the fact that I'm leaving soon so I might as well do everything. This year I've tried to be more involved in extracurriculars than ever and also I'm just trying to enjoy the time I have left. Don't sweat the small things, say goodbye to drama and overall just have fun. You've only got 4 months left second semester seniors, might as well make the most of it!

Monday, February 1, 2016

My Most Worn Pieces

Everyone has those items of clothing that they are constantly drawn to and wear over and over again no matter what. I'm no different. I find myself constantly re-wearing the same pieces because I just love them so much. Today I wanted to share with you what my most worn pieces are and why I love them so much.

+white converse
The most versatile shoe, ever. Converse are so comfortable for walking long distances while also staying stylish. White are simply the best because they match practically everything and although difficult to keep clean, a little dirt keeps them worn in. 

+Lululemon leggings
A must have in my wardrobe. These are the perfect leggings for transforming from studio to street. Hit up your favorite yoga or pilates class and you've got pants that will transform as quickly as you need to for night. I'm constantly caught wearing these pants to dance, school and practically everywhere in between.

+black Vince sweater
Bought this sweater on a whim, haven't looked back since. Perfectly oversized and so comfortable it's probably my most worn piece ever. Black looks good with everything so I'm constantly styling this sweater with jeans, leggings and skirts.

+Southern Tide t-shirt
My cousin brought this tee back with her from LSU and gave it to me. Everyone knows its my favorite shirt because I wear it so frequently. Green is my color (according to others) and this t-shirt is perfect to throw on for practice, exploring in the summer or even with leggings and converse. Super soft cotton makes me favorite it even more.

+navy vest
The infamous excursion vest. You'll find me wearing this all of fall and even into winter. We've been together for two years, and still going strong. Matches everything and adds the perfect amount of warmth as the weather cools down. 

+navy & white Brandy Melville tee
Navy stripes are my thing and this shirt has gone everywhere with me. I bought it in NYC a few summers ago and it's unbelievably comfortable. I swear Brandy does something to their shirts to make them so soft. It's a bit oversized and the cut is super flattering.

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What are your most worn pieces from your wardrobe?