Thursday, February 25, 2016

4 Spring Trends to Try

This past year I absolutely have been loving all the fashion trends. Seriously, I don't think I've seen better. I'm so excited to shop for some new spring essentials because everything is beyond cute. I recently bought a few new things, but there are so many more things on my list. Check out my top four spring trends and my favorite items in each. Also, for further reference here is Elle's guide to the best 2016 spring fashion week trends.

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Lace Up // I am so obsessed with this trend. I have yet to buy any lace up items, but trust me, there are so many on my list! I love it especially as college rolls around for me because there are so many fun "going out" pieces to wear! The low cut shirts can be super flattering, while not having a complete plunge.

Suede // Stuck in the 70's? Lucky for you suede is so in this season. I've been loving everything from suede crop tops, skirts and shoes. Although this seems more fitting for fall I'm eager to see the fun transition for spring and summer suede!

Bare Shoulders //  Off the shoulder has to have been one of my absolute favorite trends. I bought a tassel off the shoulder dress last year and wore it all the time. I also love the 'cold shoulder' trend. It's so fun and unique! Also, this text might be bold but I have literally no reason why because I kept changing it and it wouldn't work! 

Orange // Is orange really the new black? Not going to lie I was super skeptical about this trend when I first saw it but honestly, I'm kind of liking it now. I'll never be one to wear a solid orange dress or something of that sort, but orange pieces can be super fun and bright! Especially if paired with hot pink--super cute.

What are your favorite 2016 spring trends?


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