Friday, February 5, 2016

Drill Senior Night

Ahh it's Friday! Instead of today's typical TGIF today I'm sharing a little more personal and sentimental post. Tonight is my senior night for drill team and I've got all the feels. 
I've been on drill for the past four years and I truly cannot imagine my high school experience without drill team. (For those that aren't frequent readers, drill is basically the poms/dance team at my school). My freshman year I was not a fan of drill whatsoever. I completely hated being on JV and even considered not trying out the next year. I am so thankful that I did because I ended up making Varsity my sophomore year and having a ton of fun

Aside from loving dance, the best thing about drill team is the girls. I have made so many of my best friends from this team and they are truly people that I love spending time with. It's a difficult thing because you see these girls every single day so if you don't like one of them it can be challenging. Thankfully all of the seniors this year are actually my favorite people alive and I'm so glad that I was able to share an amazing year with them.
Drill is the longest season by far (six months) but this year it has completely zoomed by. It feels like I was just at tryouts and wondering who would be on the team this year. This year has been very different from the rest because of how time consuming this year was in comparison to others. Although I definitely got annoyed with constant practice/competitions I'm now so glad that I got to spend an excessive amount of time with all of my best friends.

The coaches are another amazing thing about this program. Our two head coaches are literally #goals for everything in life. They are so driven, hardworking and such incredible role models for all of the girls on the team. I have learned so much from them and they have also been there for me whenever I've needed it (umm being so stressed I almost quit the team sophomore year). You spend a lot of time with these ladies so they really get to know you and it's so incredible to have a great relationship with such successful women!

Each year for senior night the seniors are introduced with their parents on the basketball court. The dance is also super fun because it starts off with all of the Varsity team and then half way through the dance the underclassmen step off the court and just the seniors perform. It has been really nice only having six seniors on the team (and three managers) because it has allowed me to get close with each and every girl. At some point during the night we are also given books with letters from each of the underclassmen that are so special and sentimental. I remember compiling all the books last year for the seniors and when asked to make a speech as we gave them their books I began balling. I can't even imagine how emotional I'll be tonight!
It truly seems like I was just a sophomore on the team and handing the seniors their flowers and never even contemplating that in just a few short years that it would be me. I'm so excited to have such a fun and emotional evening, but I'm even more blessed to have had such an amazing experience on drill team during high school.

If you're contemplating joining a sport or team at your school I highly suggest to go for it. You won't regret it because it truly makes much more of an exciting high school experience. 

I am so thankful for drill making my high school career so funny, wild, exciting and overall incredible. 


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