Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Daily Makeup Routine

When I was younger (around sixth/seventh) I had a wild obsession with makeup. I was constantly shopping at Sephora/Walgreens/Nordstrom and looking at all the makeup that was there. I also had a running list of all the products I wanted to buy. My friend and I even attempted to create a beauty YouTube channel...thank goodness we didn't and saved ourselves the years of shame to come.

Now that I'm older I don't have quite the obsession with makeup that I used to. I opt to wear just a bit of makeup each day to enhance my features, but never to cover up everything. In all honesty I love my freckles and don't want to cover them up and acne for me is sporadic so it's never too much of a concern. This is what I wear on a typical school day.

I start off with the Maybelline fit me concealer to conceal my dark circles and any blemishes/redness on my face. I'm not a fan of foundation so I basically just do spot concealing to give my face a more flawless finish. I then use my Clinique super powder to give a little more coverage to my face and also even out my skin tone. This also helps to mattify my skin and prevent oiliness throughout the day. I finish off my face makeup by using a bit of Lancome blush and countouring with NYC bronzer.

For my eyes I typically don't do much with eyeshadow, but if I'm feeling it that day I use the two matte brown shades from the Naked palette 'Naked' and 'Buck' to even out my eyelids and add a bit of dimension. If I'm using eyeshadow I make sure to prime my eyes using Urban Decay primer potion. For mascara I like to layer both the Clinique high impact mascara and the Maybelline clump crusher mascara.

It's as simple as that! I'm not super into dramatic makeup, especially when it's day time and I don't like to spend more than 15 minutes doing makeup in the morning.

What are your makeup essentials for every day?


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  1. Your blog is adorable! Love your daily makeup routine!