Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Second Semester Senior

Oh, how I love being a second semester senior. For one, the workload is nothing compared to most of what I endured over the course of high school and also, at this point I feel that school is pretty much optional. Being a second semester has got me feeling all types of ways though (lol). 

A few weeks ago I was watching High School Musical 3: Senior Year and remembering the first time I saw it. It was for a friend's birthday when I was in fourth grade. I remember loving the movie, and imagining myself in high school, of course picturing lots of singing, dancing, and having my own Troy Bolton. High school has been quite the opposite. Zero singing, dancing (because I'm on the dance team) and a lack of hottie basketball players like Troy. 

As I watched the movie I couldn't help but accept the reality of my life. I'm a senior and I'm leaving high school in 4 months. What. Actually where did the time go? My cousin Carly and I used to play "high school" where we'd get all dressed up in denim skirts and ponchos (cute, I know!) and carry around purses and pretend like we were in high school. For some strange reason I was always trying to grow up and now all I want to do is slow down. Currently, I have no idea where I'm going to school, and no clue what my future holds. It's all so exciting, yet completely terrifying. I'm feeling exactly like Troy in "Scream"--not even kidding though.

It seemed like all of high school I was trying to get out and move on (even attempting to go to boarding school sophomore and junior year), but now all I want to do is stay. It's not so much the idea of high school that I like, but truly I don't do well with transitions. The transition from elementary to middle school and then middle to high school were so rough for me and I'm nervous as to how college will be. It will be extremely foreign not to walk down the same halls every day and see the same faces and have the same friends and live with my parents and have my mom make me dinner. 

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you're still in high school, embrace it. Don't try to rush the experience and head off to college early. Sure high school can suck sometimes and it's filled with drama and stupid stuff, but it's four years of your life where you get to be awkward and discover yourself and make mistakes. 

Being a second semester senior I'm trying to embrace the fact that I'm leaving soon so I might as well do everything. This year I've tried to be more involved in extracurriculars than ever and also I'm just trying to enjoy the time I have left. Don't sweat the small things, say goodbye to drama and overall just have fun. You've only got 4 months left second semester seniors, might as well make the most of it!



  1. I know how you feel about not wanting to grow up and move on. I am from Ireland and our education system is different but I would be a junior or sophomore. I don't want to believe that I have nearly two years left of school but I don't mind either!

  2. Don't leave. K thanks bye. Just kidding (: