Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spring Break Packing List

I have been craving a warm vacation recently. Last Saturday the weather was so nice. It was around 60 degrees, so obviously I spent the entire day outside! I ended up going to the Anti-Cruelty society downtown and looking at the puppies for sale! I have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember, but my mother always seems to feel differently about getting a dog. 

Ever since this nice weather, and the return of the cold weather, I have been dreaming of a beach vacation somewhere warm. Last year for spring break my mom, sister and I went to Los Angeles. We ended up visiting five different schools while there, four of which I applied to. It was honestly such a nice spring break because LA is my absolute favorite city! It was also nice because although it wasn't quite shorts weather, it was definitely warmer than Chicago. 

This year for spring break I am so so excited to go to Ecuador with my school. I've wanted to go on a school trip for such a long time now, but they've always been super difficult to find out about. I had to take the chance on this trip because I knew it was my last chance to go abroad with my school before graduating. I've been out of the country before, but only to Jamaica, Canada and Mexico, which aren't that far off of North America. 

One thing that I'm nervous about is packing for Ecuador. One of the teachers going with said to pack layers because although it's warm there, it cools down a lot at night. I'm also nervous about the sun because although it will only be high 60's-mid 70's, we're literally on the equator so the sun is super hot. We're also spending time in the jungle. Here's what I'm thinking of packing.

Ecuador Packing List

What are your plans for spring break?


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