Friday, February 26, 2016

This Week's Lesson

Today I'm skipping class and heading skiing! I'm so stoked to hit the slopes and probably suck at skiing. I only go skiing once a year so each year I stick to the same slopes because I'm pretty much an intermediate skier. Every year my cousin Carly and I think about venturing to a new slope, but always back out because we're terrified we'll injure ourselves. This year my cousin Jake & I brought our GoPro's and are hoping to make some cool ski videos. Jake has pretty much all the equipment when it comes to GoPro so he's letting me borrow his selfie stick while I ski. I may ask him for some of his footage too for my video because he's mounting his camera to his helmet and also using a super long selfie stick. Also, I recently realized that I wasn't a fan of my "TGIF" posts so I decided to start posting more of an update of my week and something I learned from this week. 

Here's an update of my week. 

One thing I learned this week is definitely to try something before just giving up. This may sound like a no-brainer, but for me it was definitely something I needed to realize. Okay, so this year I decided to take an AP Computer Science class. Huge mistake. The teacher is super awesome, but it's not the type of material I can understand quickly. It's also not something that is super easy to pick up. You have to understand the material and also understand how to apply yourself.

This week my teacher was out for three days out of the five and I was immediately stressing. I was so worried because I needed to re-take a recent quiz and also get help on two of the recent assignments. For the first two days I literally sat there and shopped online because I just figured that I couldn't do the assignment without my teacher's help. Obviously, this was the wrong way to approach things.

Two days went by and I had made no progress on the assignment. Other kids in my class were already finished and I had barely done the basics of the assignment. The third day that my teacher was absent I realized that I actually needed to try something. Nothing is wrong with trying and failing. What I ended up doing was asking my friend who sits next to me for help on the basics of the assignment and then tried to do some of the other portions on my own.

Once my teacher returned he happily helped me fix what was wrong and also move on and finish the assignment. After all the stress of beginning the assignment I realized that the assignment wasn't even that difficult to begin with. Once I was finished with it I understood the concepts and also felt so much better about myself for completing the assignment alone rather than just copying off someone else. 

Basically, this week I learned to try something out before you give up on it. Sure, Java isn't my thing, but I do have to deal with the fact that I signed up to take this course for the rest of the year. 

What's something you learned this week? Also, do you like this new post idea?



  1. I love this post idea! Hope you have a fun time skiing!!
    xo, Syd

  2. Love the new post idea! Always interested in what's going on in your life (: xx