Wednesday, March 9, 2016

College Visit // What To Wear, See & Do!

I've done my fair share of college touring. I definitely should have started the entire process earlier on than junior year, but there's no changing that now! In total I have set foot on 15+ college campuses, and I think I've figured out pretty much what to do to make the most out of your experience there! I was just at the University of Missouri and was thinking about how much I wish I had found a post like this before embarking on college tours last spring break!

1. Take a tour
This seems pretty obvious, but even if you think the school already isn't for you, it's worth it to take the time to fully see the school. The tour is chock full of information about the campus and student life, and your tour guide is sure to know pretty much everything. Also, tours allow you to visit areas that you wouldn't get to see otherwise such as rec centers, classrooms and even real/mock dorms. Also, if you're visiting a campus on a whim and didn't have time to book a tour just try asking the tour guides because most likely there was a no show and you can take their place! That happened to me at UCSB and I was so happy we were able to take a tour!

2. Dress practically
No one wants to be walking all around a college campus and be super uncomfortable. Be sure to wear something practical while during a school. For me this means leggings, a cute top (sweater or tank--weather depending) and a light jacket. For shoes I've worn comfortable sandals or boots. FYI many of the schools I visited were on the west coast so the weather was much warmer while touring! An example for warm weather is leggings, sandals, loose t-shirt and jean jacket. An example for cooler weather is leggings/jeans, sweater, vest/winter coat, and boots!

3. Do your research
Do your research before you get to campus so you have questions on anything that the website didn't answer for you. This is a regret I personally have because I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for when I was visiting schools and now I regret not asking specific questions or asking for more information regarding different programs.

4. Visit a friend
If you're lucky you know someone at the campus you're looking at. Talk to them ahead of time and ask them if they'd be willing to show you their dorm, take you around campus or even spend the night with them to see what the social scene is like. If you happen to know someone that goes to the school your visiting they can also answer any other questions that the tour guide may leave out about sorority life, making friends and the transition from high school to college. 

5. Eat on campus
Do a bit of research and see if there are any student favorite restaurants or any famous local restaurants to visit. While you're on campus it's important to try and experience the life of the college students that go there. While I was visiting Miami University we visited a delicious bagel shop that is a student favorite!

Oh and be sure to hit up the bookstore and get some super cute college apparel! It's so fun to collect college gear even if you don't plan on going there!

What are you sure to do while visiting a college?


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  1. This is great advice!! It's always fun to stop by the campus book store and load up on gear!

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