Monday, March 21, 2016

My Carry On Essentials

Umm...hey. I feel like a student who hasn't been at school in two weeks and is just now coming to get the assignments. So clearly I haven't been blogging consistently recently and trust me, it's been bothering me too. This year has probably been the most difficult to blog consistently just because I feel like there are constantly so many things going on. This week I'm leaving for Ecuador on Thursday, have to finish a health class I legit just started last week, and am also still deciding on my college. In the coming weeks I'm really going to strive to actually post consistently because I miss it just as much as I hope you guys miss me. 

Okay so I'm so excited to go to Ecuador on Thursday. I've left the country before but only for Jamaica, Mexico and Canada which isn't really going that far. I also feel like I'll never get another chance to go to South America so I jumped at the opportunity to go to Ecuador with my school for a Spanish trip. The flight isn't too bad, totaling a little over six hours in the sky with a layover in Panama. The longest flight I've been on was nonstop from Chicago to Oahu which was a little over eight hours and truly it wasn't even that bad. But, if you're sure to pack smart it makes the entire flying experience that much easier--especially if you're afraid of flying. 

Here's what I pack in my carry on!
My Carry On Essentials

For pretty much every trip I either use my North Face backpack or expandable Longchamp. I find my backpack super easy to carry and it has loads of compartments for everything I need. My Longchamp is a little more stylish however so I use this for shorter flights.

The plane is actually the coldest place ever so I'm always sure to pack and extra sweatshirt (even a blanket sometimes) and some warm socks. For napping this trip I'm packing melatonin so I can pretty much just snooze for the duration of the flight.

I always bring gum on planes because when I was younger and terrified of flying I used to always bring it. Now it's sort of just tradition. I also bring a book to occupy the time if I'm bored and feel like reading a bit.

As far as tech goes I typically just listen to music/sleep so I'm sure to bring my phone (fully charged), headphones and an extra charger. My dad has a solar charger that comes in handy because you legit just need the sun to charge your phone.

I also travel with my passport/ID if I'm going international. That is not something you want to forget! Typically I'm headed towards tropical destinations so I like to pack a pair of shades so I can wear them once I get off the plane and step into the sun!

Now I have two questions for you...

What are your plans for spring break? & what are your carry on essentials?



  1. Great post! I can't get on a plane without packing an extra layer, I always switch from hot to cold! I'm jealous you can sleep on places - I'm always wide awake no matter what the time, so I usually need some extra entertainment like books and my ipad! Unfortunately, there is no spring break now that I'm in the real world but I did just return from a ski weekend with my boyfriend in CO so can't complain too much!


  2. Love this post! I also use a Longchamp for travel, and I find that they are so nice and versatile. I really need to purchase a portable charger so that I'm not constantly searching for outlets when traveling!