Monday, April 25, 2016

Hairstyles to Embrace Messy Hair

I truly think I've written this post before, with this exact same title. But, it's something so relevant to me that it's worth talking about again. My hair is kind of the worst. Some days I'm really feeling it, but most days I'm not. Even when it's straightened there's just something about it that totally irritates me. For one, I absolutely hate brushing my hair. I'm so lazy when it comes to hair that half the time I end up getting out of the shower when it's wet, throwing in some anti-frizz cream, throwing on a baseball cap and calling it a day. I really like the way my hair looks when it's curled, but I'm far too lazy to actually straighten the top portion first and then curl the bottom portion (the way it looks best), so I typically leave it to my friends at Drybar to do this for me :). 

But, I think embracing messy hair is something I have to take advantage of with my hair texture. It's slightly beachy, slightly curly and allover crazy. It's back to a length where I can wear it natural (my super short chop was just not good with my natural hair), but yet I still don't like to. Honestly, I hate having my hair in my face anyways so I'm always one to throw my hair up in a ponytail or braid just to get it out of my face. But, these styles are super easy to embrace the natural texture of my hair--which many people tell me they envy. As much as I dislike it at times, I'm glad my hair has some sort of wave to it and isn't just stick straight. Here are some of my go-to styles for my natural hair!

Loose Braid // Braids are honestly the best thing ever in my opinion. You can have legit any texture to wear them and I think they look good on everyone! Plus, unlike a bun, they don't make you look bald in photos! Last year I had a girl in my second period class that would literally braid my hair for me every single day. It was truly a blessing. This year, unfortunately, I don't have this luxury, but I still incorporate braids into my style. I love the go-to classic messy single braid, but I've also recently been loving two french braids!

Half Bun // Not something I wear all of the time, but something I definitely want to try out more. It's so nice to wear my hair half up half down because it keeps my hair out of my face, but my hair is still down. The only problem is my bad habit of messing with my split ends...I need a trim so badly. But it's super cute and easy to wear!

Au Natural // When all else fails, I typically just wear my hair all natural and just keep messing it up to keep it looking piecey. It's sometimes kind of fun to wear my hair natural because brushing it back and keeping the natural loosness to it sometimes can make it look good. My hair may not look as good as the hair in the picture, but I'm positive that's not natural...

What are your go-to styles for your natural hair?


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  1. I love the loose braid look! I normally just wear my hair down without styling it, but I will have to try these styles!