Friday, April 8, 2016


#blessed because it's Friday! I'm so so happy it's the weekend. Transitioning from spring break and getting back into the swing of school has been so difficult and I already feel like I need another spring break. The future has got me feeling nostalgic however. I have yet to decide where I'm going to college, but I'm between two schools. As soon as I know I definitely want to share this information with you guys, but not until it's 100% set! 

Anyways, here are three things I'm dying to do this weekend!

1. OMG Prom! It's coming up at my school and I'm in dire need of a dress. Help a sista out if you have any suggestions. You can see my dress from last year here. It was so cute and so comfy and I probably would wear it again if I could, but I'm not trying to be an outfit prom shopping is the #1 thing on my list for the weekend! Comment where I should look!

2. I haven't curled my hair since Thanksgiving and I miss it. I cut my hair a few inches shorter the first day of winter break and was kind of waiting for it to grow back before I attempted to wave it. I'm dying to try this hair tutorial. I'm getting my hair done for Prom at, of course, Drybar, but I still think practicing doing my hair is always worthwhile. 

3. Okay so I'm like obsessed with Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. My friend showed it to me the other week and I've been drinking it non-stop. I've grown to love iced coffee this year especially and Dunkin's version is just so delicious and half the price of a Starbuck's caramel macchiato (or 1/5 of the price if it's happy hour!). I've been trying to make my own and it just hasn't been turning out. I'm hoping to try out one of these recipes this weekend. 

Have a great weekend!


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