Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Prom Dress Guide

Omg prom! I'm not going to lie, prom is probably one of the most stressful things ever. It's all stress until finally the night arrives and everything seems to sort of fall into place. I went to prom (rather unexpected) last year, and ended up having a super fun time, but it was not exactly what I had pictured.

This year for prom I am not entirely stressed out, but I know so many around me that are. For my school, prom is held at a hotel downtown, relatively 20 minutes from the school. I have yet to find my dress, but I have a couple of options so far. Oh, and I have a date already so that is settled too. All that´s left is figuring out the after part of prom. Kids at my school typically drive up to a lakehouse after the dance and spend the weekend there, taking Monday as a senior ditch day. I'm planning on going to one of my friend's lakehouse after prom and I think it will be so much fun. 

But, let's get to the really important part: the dress! At my school prom is typically only for seniors, unless an underclassmen is asked by a senior. So everyone wears long dresses. Because this is tradition I've only been looking at long dresses so I'm going to share with you some of my absolute favorite long dresses for this year's prom. I can't wait to finally finalize my dress, but I'm going to save that information until the day so I can show you guys fun pictures from the night! Also, I'm so happy that a friend of mine is wearing my dress from last year. She looks absolutely incredible in it! Honestly, I think she wears it better!

Last year for shoes I wore Jack Rogers which was seriously the best decision ever! First off, my date was practically the same height as me so I didn't want to have that awkward moment of me being taller than him! This is the same situation this year so as much as I'd like to purchase a super cute pair of heels I'm sticking to flats. I know I'll thank myself later when I'm so comfortable later and everyone around me is complaining about their shoes!

Anyways, I'm saving my dress to share with you guys later, but it's super similar to my dress from last year! I guess you can say I have a pretty defined style...but here are some dresses I've been loving!
The Prom Dress Guide

What are you wearing/did you wear for prom this year?


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