Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Links I'm Loving

+Chance's new album just dropped and I'm obsessed with All Night. Seriously my fave song right now!

+I'm totally feeling Maxie's post regarding 25 things to stop freaking out about. It seems so relevant right now as senior year comes to a stressful close.

+Kind of obsessed with Kate right now

+Someone please buy me these super cute wedges!!

+KJP has awesome grad gifts that I totally want #classof2016

+I can't keep up with Julia's travels! She's always off to somewhere new and so well dressed!

+Read this if you're dealing with leaving friends behind this fall. I'm so sad to leave all of my friends, but California will be a completely new adventure!

+A recent find of mine: Delphine du jour; I'm really feeling her style!


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