Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Prom Recap

This past weekend was prom weekend and I of course had to share with you my dress details, weekend fun and more! If you're a frequent reader you probably know I attended prom last year as well. At my school it's mainly a senior prom. Juniors can go, but most juniors only go if they're asked by a senior. Last year ended up being a nice way to test the waters out for prom to see how it was and plan accordingly for next year. Last year didn't go exactly how I had planned, but I was thankful that it wasn't my senior prom and I had a whole year to plan my prom to make it better. This year I went with a dress that was super similar to the dress I wore last year. I had a difficult time finding a dress I liked this year, and refused to wear the same one again (outfit repeater? hell no!), so I opted for a super similar beaded dress. I'm all about the glitz and the glam so this dress was perfect for me. Not to mention it wasn't super low cut or backless so I was very comfortable the whole night. I went for flat sandals again because 1. they were super comfortable last year--I had zero complaints, and 2. my date is relatively the same height as me so I didn't want to tower over him in heels.

We actually ended up taking pictures at the same place we did last year because it's a super pretty venue, and open to all. It usually attracts a wide group so it's fun to be able to take pictures with all of your friends there in addition to your date *I think last year I literally only took two pictures with my date, lol*. I went for a spray tan again (don't hate) because I just love the way it makes my skin look, especially with a more pastel colored dress. I had a little bit of a glow from when I spent some time in the sun in Ecuador, but not enough to where I was legit tan. This year I opted to get my hair done at where else but Drybar just so I didn't have to stress about trying to make my hair look good. It's such a relief when you know that you can walk into a place and have your hair look crazy and come out and it looks perfect. Plus, I've had my hair done at Drybar a few other times (for senior pictures & homecoming) and have always loved the results.

I had a few gals get ready at my house and then we headed to pictures! I was so pleased with my weekend as well because I went to my friend's lakehouse and it was seriously so much fun. Such a great group of kids! Here's a look at my night!


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  1. oh my gosh you looked absolutely gorgeous and I LOVEEEE your dress!