Thursday, June 30, 2016

{Outfit} Maroon Dress

I am a huge fan of summer dresses. If I can throw on a dress rather than matching a shirt and some shirts, I'm all about it. I love wearing dresses because it gives the illusion that you tried, when you really didn't. I purchased a few staple dresses for the summer that have been perfect for just wearing around the town and also for the plethora of graduation parties I attended. Also, I am just not into wearing bras in the summer. Honestly, I hate them and I'm definitely more of a bralette kinda gal. I opted for a maroon bralette with this dress because it adds a little bit of a lace accent to the straps without being too noticeable. You probably already saw this dress in my post about jimmyCASE, but I wanted to finally share the details with you all!

Target dress (similar) // bralette // sandals

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

College Videos to Check Out

If you didn't already know, I'm a huge fan of YouTube. I honestly could watch YouTube videos for days on end. I like it way more than TV because it's actually real people that are talking to you versus actors (or whatever reality stars are). And I've especially been loving watching so many YouTube videos to help with the transition to college. I moved my sister into her college when I was going to be a sophomore so I kind of understand the jist of what I might need for the dorm, what the first night looks like and what to expect on move-in day, but I find that some of the YouTubers I watch are so helpful when it comes to heading to college this fall. Here are a few of my favorite videos and YouTubers that you should definitely check out!!

FiercelyTasha has got to be one of my favorite college YouTubers because she actually goes to where I'm headed this fall! It's so helpful to watch her videos to see what things I'll actually need for school and what things I don't need to bring. I especially love these two vids!

I'm also really into this video about 20 things that this YouTuber wished she had known before college. I find these videos so helpful because I learned a few things I should be doing my freshman year like going to office hours and going to tutoring centers. 

Brooke Miccio is another one of my favorites. She's so cute to begin with, and her style is fab! This video about sorority recruitment is especially helpful. I don't rush until second semester, but all of my friends have been stressing about their sorority recruitment! And she definitely has the ins/outs of rush!

Comment below any videos/YouTubers I should check out because I'm definitely interested!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Makeup Routine

One of my absolute favorite things about summer is the ability to go out sans makeup for most of my days. I honestly hate makeup, especially face makeup. On a day to day basis in the summer I typically don't wear makeup, but this is my go-to look for when I do wear makeup in the summer. Something super light and fresh, but also looks a bit more dressed up.
Summer Makeup Routine

I opt out of using foundation because I don't really feel that I need it in the summer. I use this Bare Minerals concealer on a fluffy brush or q-tip to conceal my under eye circles. My circles aren't as prominent in the summer because I manage to get much more sleep during the summer months. Then I dust MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural on my face just to set everything and tame any oils. To finish off the skin I bronze with Clinique bronzer and highlight with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in soft and gentle (holy grail product!!). 

Moving onto the eyes I use a bit of the same MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in soft and gentle on the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up a bit. Then I go in with my Naked 2 palette and use Chopper on my lid and Tease in my crease. I blend this out using a blending brush and it creates a super natural, bronzed look. To finish off my makeup I layer two different mascaras: Clinique's High Impact Mascara and Maybelline's Clump Crusher. I use the first one to establish a base and thicken my lashes, and the second one to volumize and lengthen my eyelashes. 

And that's it! A super simple makeup look that's perfect for summer!

What's your go-to makeup look for summer?

Monday, June 27, 2016

My Favorite iPhone Case

One thing I'm super guilty of is driving without my license. And not having a case on my phone. For one, I seem to always forget to grab my license if I'm just on my way out to run a quick errand. Also, my phone has a few cracks in it because I often find myself not having a case on my phone. So when I discovered jimmyCASE, everything changed. A phone case that's actually cute and is totally functional, um yes please! 

I love the look of the wooden background with the simple black elastic strap. There were so many fun colors to choose from, but I opted for black because I knew it would match most of what I wore. I absolutely love the elastic strap because I can always keep my ID, debit card, Ventra and a bit of cash on me at all times. It's so much more convenient than carrying around a bulky wallet, especially in the summer when all plans seem to happen on a whim! 

I know this phone case will be absolutely perfect for college too so I can store my student ID and anything else without having to lug a purse around when going out. This is such a practical phone case and so many of my friends have already asked me where they can purchase one for themselves! 

The case is also super protective which is important to me because I am extremely clumsy and tend to drop my phone on the daily. With this case on it I know that my phone is safe! I like how neutral the case is because it will never clash with outfits like my old Lilly cases would at times. Also, the phone case also doesn't feel bulky even with items in the pouch!

Check out jimmyCASE here and all of their awesome products!

Friday, June 17, 2016

This Week's Links

What a week! From orientation on Monday and Tuesday to spending the rest of the week babysitting I'm utterly exhausted. Normally in the summer I tend to get plenty of rest, but honestly, this week has really got me tired. I'm not quite sure why though because I ended up sleeping for most of my flights to LA #Godblessmelatonin. 

I'm hoping to spend this weekend finally finding a job (I'm in dire need) and also spending a little time in the sun. Two of my best friends are back from their college orientations this weekend so I'm hoping to spend time with them and catch up!

Also, I went vegan! I had plans of going vegan once I got back from my trips to Utah and California and I'm excited to see what this lifestyle brings! I went vegan earlier in the year and honestly really liked it. The hardest thing for me is definitely cheese because it's seriously so good. Also, I'm absolutely terrible at cooking so trying out new recipes is always an adventure! But, something I'm looking forward to trying! Here are some things I've been loving this week.

+I'm a huge fan of reflective sunglasses and am dying to get my hands on this pair of Ray-Ban's

+This vegan mac & cheese looks heavenly--I must try out this recipe

+Raise your hand if you're obsessed with Gal Meets Glam? I'm so craving a travel lifestyle like Julia + Thomas!

+I posted two outfit posts this week! Check them out here & here!

+Brooke is seriously so helpful when it comes to what you need and don't need for college

+I'm utterly obsessed with Caroline's graduation party decor. It was so cute!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

{A Guide To} College Orientation

Earlier this week I went to my college orientation at Loyola Marymount University and it was seriously a life changing experience. It honestly made me feel that I 100% chose the right school for me and lifted any anxieties that I had about heading to school in the fall. For me, it was also beneficial to travel there alone so I wouldn't have my mom to lean on at orientation and was forced to make friends. Sometimes in situations like that I tend to stick to people I know, but because I was there alone I had to branch out and meet entirely new people, which is what college is all about! 

Because I have now gone through the experience I feel that I can give you the low down on orientation. What to wear, questions to ask, and more. I definitely won't cover everything and every college orientation is different, but here are some tips and things that I learned from college orientation.

1. Ask questions
Honestly, I hate asking questions. My mom prepared a long list of questions for me to ask at orientation, but of course I forgot it. I remembered some of the main things however...shipping items, move-in day, sorority rush, dorms, etc. Because I'm traveling 2,000 miles away from home for college it's a bit of a different situation. I had to ask questions about how to get all my stuff there, etc. Your orientation leaders are very equipped to answer practically every question because they've been through it all. They're all upperclassmen so they've experienced freshman year (and some even their sophomore year) so they know what you're going through and they know how to make your lives easier and better freshman year. No question is a dumb one so be sure to ask lots of questions.

2. Introduce yourself to people
I find that I'm super social when people talk to me first, but I'm not always the first person to go up and introduce myself. This is something I forced myself to do at this orientation. You don't have to be the most outgoing person there, but you do want to make friends. I was happy that I stayed two nights in the dorm because there were about 10 out of state students that stayed the first night too. It was super nice to have met a small group of people that you already knew before the other students arrived. I had talked to a few people online who were going to the same orientation as me and it ended up being the best decision ever. I went in sort of knowing a few people so it was much easier to introduce myself to them. 

3. Dress comfortably
You're probably going to be walking, a lot. So wear comfortable shoes! Of course the one time I go to southern California in the summer it's cloudy and 60 degrees, but thankfully I packed smart! Bring something that represents your style, but is also comfortable. I opted to wear jeans, a tank top and sandals on the first day and leggings, a jean jacket, white tee and converse the second day. Honestly, it's not a fashion show, but it's more fun to wear something you feel confident and comfortable with. 

4. Be nice!!!
This sounds so obvious, but definitely be open to meeting new people and be nice to people. No one wants to be friends with someone that's mean so just make sure you are nice to people and open to talking to them. It's the easiest way to make friends...just be nice! Compliment people, ask them about their major, ask them where they're from! Those are seriously the easiest conversation starters right there!

I think the best thing about orientation for me was just getting to meet a few of my future classmates and also relieving some of my anxieties about going so far from home. It never really crossed my mind that I was going so far until I was on that 4 hour plane ride and landed in LA. It was all so exciting, but you also realize that your family is a 4 hour flight away. Also, be sure that when you're at orientation you feel good vibes! It sounds dumb, but if there are bad vibes it might not be the right school for you. Orientation is a bit boring and there's hella team bonding, but overall it's worth your time and they really do help you prepare for the upcoming school year. 

Good luck!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

{Outfit} Out in Park City

After reading my Utah recap you might know that we spent one night out in Park City and had dinner at an Italian restaurant. I opted for a super cute & summery dress that was light enough for a hot evening. Oh, and I actually fell in love with the waterboy at the restaurant and my friends ended up running back and giving him my number #noshame. This dress is seriously so cute though and I love the fit of it! I wore it for my graduation party as well and it was perfect for that occasion too. I love summer whites and blues so it's the perfect combination. And any summer outfit is complete with cognac sandals! I can't seem to find the dress online, but it's actually from Hollister! Shop similar dresses below!

Hollister dress (similar) // Steve Madden sandals // Tory Burch wallet


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

{Outfit} My Summer Go-To

Everyone has that one outfit that they constantly wear throughout the summer. For me it's typically running shorts and an oversized tee, but when it comes to looking cute I like to go for summer staples: jean shorts and a flowy top. For me these are my absolute favorite Levi's that I made myself #proud and a super loose off the shoulder top. I love the fact that it's white too because it makes me look a little tanner. I wore this outfit on the first night out in Utah and loved it for a casual (and extremely delicious dinner). Also, check out these reflective shades! I bought them for my trip to Ecuador and lost them in my friend's car and just recently got them back. I'm seriously obsessed because they're so cute and don't get stuck in my hair! Oh and btw I seriously don't know how to pose at all in outfit pictures so I'm sorry that these are kind of awkward. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Utah Recap

Before I get into my recap I'm here to share that right now I'm in Los Angeles for orientation! I couldn't be more excited to finally see campus again and meet some of my future classmates! Although on my last day in Utah I ended up falling off a mountain bike and getting a super cute black eye so we'll see how many friends I make at LMU. I'm only there for two days, but I'm excited to finally have my favorite Lemonade again! 

I wasn't posting much on social media but last week I spent my days living it up in Utah! One of my best friends has a house on Victory Ranch golf club so she, 3 other friends and I stayed there for four days. It was seriously the best time ever. I haven't gone on a vacation other than a lake house with my friends so this was such a fun thing to do! Victory Ranch is seriously so beautiful and the staff there is amazing. Everyone was so incredibly nice! My friend Paige has been talking for years about how Utah is her absolute favorite place and we all thought she was crazy...until we went. Seriously, Utah is now my favorite place! The mountains are so pretty and everything around us was just so scenic. It was a nice break from living so close to such a fast paced city like Chicago. 

My friend Paige planned out the entire trip so perfectly that there was just enough time spent doing fun things and relaxing. I honestly could not have asked for a better trip!

We flew into Salt Lake City on Sunday evening around 5 pm and opted for dinner at the lodge that night. Let me just say, best. burger. ever. The food at the lodge was amazing, complete with delicious cookie skillets. We ended up going to bed pretty early that evening after spending some time in the hot tub with a day full of biking ahead of us.

The second day we took rangers (similar to jeeps) out to the backcountry to visit the yurt (a tent type structure) and eat lunch. After that we were to take the bike trail back to the lodge. Well, my friend Michaela thought she knew the way back...but she did not. Our 2-3 mile bike ride turned into 11 miles. We were so not having it by the end of that trek. And it was uphill!! But once we reached the top of the peak, it was all downhill. Seriously, so much fun. I swear I was going like 40 miles per hour down that hill, or at least it felt like it. That night we stayed in and had Paige's mom cook a delicious Italian dinner!

The next day we woke up early to head into Park City for the day. The mountains there are unreal, I can't even imagine trying to ski on them! We went on the alpine slide & coaster and they were both so fun! After spending the morning in Park City we headed back to Victory Ranch for lunch at home and then to spend the rest of the day at the pool. Oh, and did I mention we saw Katherine Heigl on our first night in Utah? Turns out she lives there! I did not even recognize her!
That night we went back into Park City to a cute little Italian restaurant. I ended up falling in love with the waterboy at the restaurant. I swear it was literally love at first sight! Aha, but I'm not even joking. My friends ended up running back to the restaurant to give him my number after dinner. But, the food was delicious nonetheless!

The final day we woke up to go skeet shooting. It's basically shooting a shotgun at neon clay disks in hopes of hitting it. At first I was utterly terrified because I absolutely hate guns. But, I needed to try it at least once. I tried it once and it wasn't even that bad and ended up trying it out a few more times. That night we had a chef at the house to make us an amazing meal with ribs, mac & cheese, salad, and grilled veggies. To. Die. For. 

My trip to Utah was even more amazing than I could have ever imagined! I seriously cannot wait to hopefully go back next summer!