Wednesday, June 29, 2016

College Videos to Check Out

If you didn't already know, I'm a huge fan of YouTube. I honestly could watch YouTube videos for days on end. I like it way more than TV because it's actually real people that are talking to you versus actors (or whatever reality stars are). And I've especially been loving watching so many YouTube videos to help with the transition to college. I moved my sister into her college when I was going to be a sophomore so I kind of understand the jist of what I might need for the dorm, what the first night looks like and what to expect on move-in day, but I find that some of the YouTubers I watch are so helpful when it comes to heading to college this fall. Here are a few of my favorite videos and YouTubers that you should definitely check out!!

FiercelyTasha has got to be one of my favorite college YouTubers because she actually goes to where I'm headed this fall! It's so helpful to watch her videos to see what things I'll actually need for school and what things I don't need to bring. I especially love these two vids!

I'm also really into this video about 20 things that this YouTuber wished she had known before college. I find these videos so helpful because I learned a few things I should be doing my freshman year like going to office hours and going to tutoring centers. 

Brooke Miccio is another one of my favorites. She's so cute to begin with, and her style is fab! This video about sorority recruitment is especially helpful. I don't rush until second semester, but all of my friends have been stressing about their sorority recruitment! And she definitely has the ins/outs of rush!

Comment below any videos/YouTubers I should check out because I'm definitely interested!


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  1. Thanks for compiling these videos! I'm headed off to college in the fall and these will be so helpful.