Monday, June 27, 2016

My Favorite iPhone Case

One thing I'm super guilty of is driving without my license. And not having a case on my phone. For one, I seem to always forget to grab my license if I'm just on my way out to run a quick errand. Also, my phone has a few cracks in it because I often find myself not having a case on my phone. So when I discovered jimmyCASE, everything changed. A phone case that's actually cute and is totally functional, um yes please! 

I love the look of the wooden background with the simple black elastic strap. There were so many fun colors to choose from, but I opted for black because I knew it would match most of what I wore. I absolutely love the elastic strap because I can always keep my ID, debit card, Ventra and a bit of cash on me at all times. It's so much more convenient than carrying around a bulky wallet, especially in the summer when all plans seem to happen on a whim! 

I know this phone case will be absolutely perfect for college too so I can store my student ID and anything else without having to lug a purse around when going out. This is such a practical phone case and so many of my friends have already asked me where they can purchase one for themselves! 

The case is also super protective which is important to me because I am extremely clumsy and tend to drop my phone on the daily. With this case on it I know that my phone is safe! I like how neutral the case is because it will never clash with outfits like my old Lilly cases would at times. Also, the phone case also doesn't feel bulky even with items in the pouch!

Check out jimmyCASE here and all of their awesome products!


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