Monday, June 13, 2016

Utah Recap

Before I get into my recap I'm here to share that right now I'm in Los Angeles for orientation! I couldn't be more excited to finally see campus again and meet some of my future classmates! Although on my last day in Utah I ended up falling off a mountain bike and getting a super cute black eye so we'll see how many friends I make at LMU. I'm only there for two days, but I'm excited to finally have my favorite Lemonade again! 

I wasn't posting much on social media but last week I spent my days living it up in Utah! One of my best friends has a house on Victory Ranch golf club so she, 3 other friends and I stayed there for four days. It was seriously the best time ever. I haven't gone on a vacation other than a lake house with my friends so this was such a fun thing to do! Victory Ranch is seriously so beautiful and the staff there is amazing. Everyone was so incredibly nice! My friend Paige has been talking for years about how Utah is her absolute favorite place and we all thought she was crazy...until we went. Seriously, Utah is now my favorite place! The mountains are so pretty and everything around us was just so scenic. It was a nice break from living so close to such a fast paced city like Chicago. 

My friend Paige planned out the entire trip so perfectly that there was just enough time spent doing fun things and relaxing. I honestly could not have asked for a better trip!

We flew into Salt Lake City on Sunday evening around 5 pm and opted for dinner at the lodge that night. Let me just say, best. burger. ever. The food at the lodge was amazing, complete with delicious cookie skillets. We ended up going to bed pretty early that evening after spending some time in the hot tub with a day full of biking ahead of us.

The second day we took rangers (similar to jeeps) out to the backcountry to visit the yurt (a tent type structure) and eat lunch. After that we were to take the bike trail back to the lodge. Well, my friend Michaela thought she knew the way back...but she did not. Our 2-3 mile bike ride turned into 11 miles. We were so not having it by the end of that trek. And it was uphill!! But once we reached the top of the peak, it was all downhill. Seriously, so much fun. I swear I was going like 40 miles per hour down that hill, or at least it felt like it. That night we stayed in and had Paige's mom cook a delicious Italian dinner!

The next day we woke up early to head into Park City for the day. The mountains there are unreal, I can't even imagine trying to ski on them! We went on the alpine slide & coaster and they were both so fun! After spending the morning in Park City we headed back to Victory Ranch for lunch at home and then to spend the rest of the day at the pool. Oh, and did I mention we saw Katherine Heigl on our first night in Utah? Turns out she lives there! I did not even recognize her!
That night we went back into Park City to a cute little Italian restaurant. I ended up falling in love with the waterboy at the restaurant. I swear it was literally love at first sight! Aha, but I'm not even joking. My friends ended up running back to the restaurant to give him my number after dinner. But, the food was delicious nonetheless!

The final day we woke up to go skeet shooting. It's basically shooting a shotgun at neon clay disks in hopes of hitting it. At first I was utterly terrified because I absolutely hate guns. But, I needed to try it at least once. I tried it once and it wasn't even that bad and ended up trying it out a few more times. That night we had a chef at the house to make us an amazing meal with ribs, mac & cheese, salad, and grilled veggies. To. Die. For. 

My trip to Utah was even more amazing than I could have ever imagined! I seriously cannot wait to hopefully go back next summer!


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  1. Looks like you had a blast!