Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July Update

Long time, no blog. I feel like each year I get worse and worse about being consistent with blogging. But, I just cleaned out my office today so I think I'll have more motivation than ever to spend more time in here writing posts, etc. Also, let me know if you'd like an office tour! :)

It's truly insane that July is already upon us. June flew by with travels to Utah and California, graduation parties, and lots of babysitting. I still have yet to find a consistent summer job, but babysitting has been doing the trick recently. Now that it's July I feel like I need to get my sh** together. The end of May and all of June was spent accepting the fact that I actually am a high school graduate and heading to college now. After orientation my idea of college was definitely more concrete and much more of a reality. I am so happy because I found a roommate just before the housing was due and also got the dorm I wanted! I leave the 25th for school (which is later than most of my friends) and there is still so much to be done before I leave. I'm flying to school so I need to be picky about what I'm bringing since I cannot bring my entire wardrobe or collection of trinkets in my room. 

Aside from preparation for college I've been spending a lot of time with friends because we only have so much time before everyone parts their separate ways. I'm not typically someone to spend excessive amounts of time with people (I like to have time to myself), but recently I feel like I've been nonstop with people and honestly I've been loving it!

My friend Jane had a corn themed party the other week and it was seriously so much fun! Corn is one of her absolute favorite foods so she wanted to have a party where all of the food was made out of corn. I even tried corn ice cream which was actually disgusting, but still worth the try haha. 
My friend Anna had a friend in from Texas so we drove up to New Buffalo in Michigan to spend the day at the beach. I haven't been up to New Buffalo since the fall and it felt so good to be back. I used to have a house up there so it's always so fun to take the quick drive up there and explore all of my old favorite places. We wanted to eat at Stray Dog but the wait was insane so we ended up at another famous place Redamak's. 
Another friend, Paige, had a friend come in from New Jersey and it was so much fun to spend a weekend with her before she returned to her summer class at Northwestern. We took her to one of our favorite Mexican fusion restaurants and the enchiladas I got were seriously to die for. 
The rest of my summer will be spent here in town before I finally leave for school! I can't wait!


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  1. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this post. Last week I was also in Michigan almost in the same place. I have family in Three Oaks, and spent the week visiting family at Warren Dunes, and at Violas, the best breakfast place to eat at.