Monday, August 22, 2016

Final Few Days

The quote for my LMU class of 2020! I absolutely love this quote and feel that it is so fitting to me personally because it takes a lot of courage to pack up and move 2,000 miles across the country away from your family, but it's something that will definitely help me become who I am meant to be!

Long time no chat! I've been the worst about posting consistently this summer! My grandma recently emailed me (one of my biggest fans!) saying that she missed my blog posts so of course I felt the need to get back on track and continue blogging. Let me start by giving you a little life update...

This summer has probably been the best summer ever. It's been bittersweet saying goodbye to all of my best friends as they head off to college and new adventures, but I can't help but feel overjoyed and excited for all of them. This summer has also probably been the longest one yet (wahoo because summer's my fave season); end of May to the end of August! It's incredible to see my friends that left a few weeks ago already rushing sororities and having the time of their lives! I'm so jealous, but I know that I'll get to have my own fun when I leave for school on Thursday.

I don't think leaving for college will ever quite hit me though. I feel like everyone seems to have this epiphany like, "Shit, I'm leaving for college...what." But even after going to LA for orientation in June (by myself) it didn't even fully enforce the reality of college. I still can't believe I'm finally moving to California in just 4 short days after wanting to move there since I was 10. 

Now you might be wondering what college will bring for this here blog. I definitely don't want to quit blogging because it remains something that I love to do and something that I consider myself decent at, but I don't think I'll be able to sacrifice enough time to post 5 times a week. I'm opting to post 3 days a week; Monday, Wednesday & Friday to give myself enough time to think and write of quality posts that I fully feel my readers will enjoy. 

I'm truly hoping that as I transition to college and a new geographic location I am inspired with new and exciting content for all of y'all. If there's something you've wanted to see on the's your chance! Let me know in the comments if there's something specific. Outfits, videos, Q&A's? Let me know!


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