Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What's on my iPhone {College Edition}

I haven't done a post like this in the longest time, and these types of posts (or videos on YouTube) are some of my favorite to watch. I'm not sure if I'm just super nosy and want to see what's on people's phones, or if I just always like learning about new apps that are useful! My iPhone has been organized practically the same way for some time now because I think it's pretty well organized and everything is easy to find. I also want to share with you some of my absolute favorite apps! PS. Have you guys updated your phones yet? I'm not quite sure how I like the new update...especially how you have to click the home button to log on now. 

On the first page I have your pretty standard apps that come on the iPhone. I use Spotify for all my music (follow me @heyitskmay) and I highly suggest it. Premium has seriously changed my life and made finding new music and having awesome playlists so much easier. Of course I have Snapchat because what human on this earth doesn't!? I use Chase for all of my banking needs to keep track of my debit card balance and also see where exactly my money is going. GoPro is basically a way to upload videos and photos straight from your GoPro to your phone so it is especially useful. It can also be used as a remote for your camera if needed!

Mint is an app that I absolutely love because it really helps me keep track of my spending. It allows you to set monthly budgets for different things like restaurants, shopping, gas and groceries and notifies you when you exceed this budget. It also tracks the different categories you're spending your money in and allows you to see what you're spending most of your money on. Sonos is a sound app to connect to the speakers in my house to play music, but it's definitely irrelevant now that I'm 2,000 miles from my home. Fitbit is how I connect my Fitbit band to my phone and log what I'm eating, how much water I'm drinking and also my fitness minutes.
Moving on to the next page I organize all of my apps by category. I use VSCO for practically all of my editing needs and love publishing different photos that never make the gram on VSCO. I also love using Boomerang!
In college I definitely use Uber and Lyft way more than I used to. I'm constantly Ubering around Los Angeles or visiting friends in different locations so it's super convenient to call a car to my dorm and share it with whoever I'm traveling with. A lot of parties are in houses off campus so Uber/Lyft are definite necessities. 

All of my social media apps are pretty self explanatory and keep me connected. Ever since coming to school I've been using Venmo and Tapingo very often. Venmo is a super easy way to transfer money to friends if you owe them for something and can't pay them in cash. Tapingo is offered on different college campuses and is basically an online food ordering service. It's super convenient because I can order Starbuck's from my school ID and it will be ready to be picked up when I get there. This saves so much time--one thing I don't seem to have as a college student. 

Are there any apps that I definitely need to add to my phone?


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