Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Go-To Going Out Style

I think one thing most girls are the most lost about when headed to college is what to wear when going out. I had a sister go to college before me, but even that wasn't even that helpful. In high school, parties for me were an "anything goes" kind of situation. Whatever you felt like wearing was pretty much okay. I can honestly say I've worn sweatpants out before #noshame. But, in college going out seems to be a little more formal than high school. Every school is different, but I think the generally idea of getting a bit more dressed up when going out is pretty uniform across the board. I can't even imagine going to school where it gets super cold (God bless California weather) because snow and ice make going out a whole other deal. 

When it comes to going out I keep my style pretty simple. For tops I go: cropped, low-cut or off the shoulder. This might sound a little scandalous, but in all reality it's what the majority of girls wear at LMU when going out. Because we can't rush until second semester themed parties aren't a huge thing right now. What I often end up wearing is either black ripped jeans or Levi cutoffs, a top of some sort and either white high top Converse or Steve Madden sneakers. It's a simple recipe for the perfect going out attire. Here are a few looks I love that are similar to what I like to wear!

Going Out Style
These jeans are always my go-to. They're seriously so comfortable and so versatile for day to day wear and also going out! Because they're pretty high waisted I love wearing them with crop tops. Bodysuits are all the rage and I actually love them. They're so easy to wear with things because there's no need to tuck them in! My friends and I have an olive colored lace up body suit that we all share and it's seriously so cute!

Remember my favorite iPhone case? I'm still absolutely obsessed with it. During the summer it was helpful to hold my driver's license, but now it holds everything I need when going out: my student ID and debit card. It's so convenient not having to worry about losing my ID because I know it's snug in my phone case. If you're a college student and don't have a jimmyCASE I highly recommend getting one! It's so worth it.

If you're in college...what's your go-to going out style?


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  1. Obsessing over those jean shorts! (even though it's technically November, Chicago has decided to continue giving us 70 degree days so I say bring on the shorts for now!)