Monday, October 31, 2016

My Skin & Hair Care Routine

Something I try to be really strict about is my skin and hair care routine. I try and follow a firm routine that I abide by each day and night. Taking care of your skin is so so important and using products that work for you is essential to having beautiful skin! I have dry skin so I have to moisturize a lot to maintain my skin. Also, taking care of your skin is only one thing to ensure glowing, radiant skin. Eating healthy and drinking tons of water will make your skin so much more beautiful from the inside out! 

I try to use pretty affordable products because I am a college student and understand that not all of us can afford a $70 moisturizer. I try and use products that I know will last me a long time and also work for my type of skin. 
Skin + Hair Care Products
As far as body moisturization goes I swear by the Aveeno skin lotion with a kiss of coconut. This works wonders and is the only lotion I've ever found that actually maintains moisturization all day. I love that this one in particular has a coconut scent because everything else from Aveeno is unscented. Also, living in California has changed me to actually apply sunscreen every day. Here it's sunny on the regular so it's very important to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. I use the Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch sunscreen in SPF 15. It's super light on the skin and smells amazing. For my face I use Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer. This has SPF 15 in it and also helps maintain clear skin and gently moisturizes. 

As far as other skincare items go I use the L'Oreal pure clay mask each week along with Biore pore cleansing strips

As far as hair goes I absolutely love the it's a 10 miracle leave in product. At first I thought it was all hype, but once I purchased it for myself and began using it I noticed my hair was so much softer. Now I don't think I can live my life without this product! 

I'm eager to hear...what are your favorite skin/hair care products? 



  1. my holy grail is using the burt's bees cleansing oil (I got a sample size from Target in August and I'm still using it!) with the simple foaming face wash afterwards. the oil totally breaks down + removes all makeup and the simple face wash doesn't leave me feeling greasy...I might have to write my own post about this!

    xo, Hannah

  2. For my hair I love Johnson's No More Tangles Detangling Spray (meant for babies but smells great and works wonders!). I also could not live without my Wet Brush...seriously amazing and is used at salons!