Tuesday, November 29, 2016

5 Ways To Get in The Holiday Spirit

Christmas is easily my favorite holiday ever. I mean who doesn't love the twinkling lights, Christmas trees, and festive decor everywhere. I just got back to school and as much as I'm loving being back in the sun and enjoying the mild weather I can't wait to go back home and have a real Christmas complete with cold weather and snow. This year my friends opted to do a cookie baking party instead of doing our usual secret santa gift exchange. As much as I love buying gifts for people, we all decided that as broke college students it would be much more fun to simply spend time together and decorate cookies! Getting into the holiday spirit is definitely a little different in sunny Los Angeles but one of the perks of going to a Catholic school is that they've decorated campus with plenty of Christmas decor. My favorite is the student run coffee shop that is now decked out with stockings, lights and Christmas blankets. It makes for such a cute and cozy workspace! So many people like to wait until December to officially begin the holiday season, but the second that Thanksgiving is over I am in full force Christmas mode. It's definitely strange being in a dorm during the holiday season because my family usually decorates the house pretty thoroughly for Christmas. Today I'm sharing five ways to get in the holiday spirit because it's seriously the most wonderful time of the year!


Probably the best thing about Christmas is the non-stop music playing on the radio. I absolutely love Christmas music and I have an awesome playlist I've made to share with you! Pandora is also another awesome option because it gives a bit more variety in what you're listening to. When I was driving around at home just last week I opted not to play my own music, but to listen to the Christmas music that was on the radio and it was so fun to get in the holiday spirit!


Last year while I was still in high school I always decorated my room for the holiday season. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but a Christmas throw blanket, string lights and a mini tree really do the trick of changing up your space for the season. I've even made snowflakes and painted them gold before to hang from my fan for an extra fun touch. My current dorm room isn't all that festive, but I'm hoping when I go home in 3 weeks (omg finals are here ahhh!) that I'll decorate my room! 


Baking during the holiday season is an absolute must. I feel like everyone's family has some signature holiday treat that they make year after year. In my family we always make reindeer sugar cookies complete with pretzels for antlers and green and red m&m's for the eyes and nose. They are so cute and so so good!!


Practically every mall in America goes all out when it comes to Christmas decor. The mall closest to me is actually outdoors, which is surprisingly fun to shop at when it's sprinkling snowflakes during the holiday season. And not to mention that there are always plenty of Christmas decorations.


The holiday season is all about sharing the love and giving to those around you. This could be as something as small as giving someone a compliment on their smile or their perfect holiday outfit or it could be as big as making a donation to a local charity or volunteering. The holiday season is all about giving and this is the best gift you can give.

What do you do to get in the holiday spirit?


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  1. giving is so important during the christmas season, i love that you included it in this list!
    xo, hannah