Monday, November 7, 2016

A Weekend In My Life {Manhattan Beach}

The best thing about going to school in California (besides being so close to the beach) is having so many cool places at my fingertips. There are seriously so many cool places to explore and it's so interesting to find new fun places! This weekend I was feeling especially homesick because so many of my friends went home after the Cubs won the world series (Fly the W!). I was disappointed because I had planned on going home initially, but changed my mind at the last minute because I didn't feel like traveling on a plane for four hours just to spend two days at home. 

I channeled this negative energy into taking some time for myself and renting a bike for the day and biking along the beach. Honestly, such a good decision. It was so relaxing to have some alone time, but do something so fun. I ended up biking 16 miles on a beach cruiser and traveled from Marina Del Rey to Manhattan Beach and back. I first visited Manhattan Beach when I came to LA for orientation and absolutely loved the quaint beach town that it was. When we came to move me in we stayed near Manhattan Beach and my family loved exploring the area as well. I was so happy to finally be able to explore the area again and visit all of the super cute boutiques. 

Let's start with the beginning of my weekend though. Friday night as I was walking to get dinner with a friend we stopped by the view to catch the amazing sunset. Seriously, there's nothing like a California sunset (but nothing like a Chicago sunrise). The palm trees and the setting sun made for such a picturesque moment. 
 On Saturday morning I woke up around 11 and got dressed and caught an Uber to the bike rental in Marina Del Rey. I rented a blue beach cruiser with a basket and began my trek to Manhattan Beach. I did not choose the best day to bike because it was extremely foggy and a little chilly. But, it was still so pretty that I can't complain! The day began pretty clear at first as I biked through the Marina and saw the UCLA sailing team practicing. 
I then biked along the beach (there's an amazing bike path!) passing through Dockweiler and El Segundo and then eventually making it to Manhattan Beach and parking my bike on the pier. I was starving and had been craving my favorite acai bowl from Paradise Bowls. I get the coconut yoyo that is acai blended with banana and topped with granola, banana, mango, shaved coconut and honey. Seriously so good. Jamba on campus makes bowls too, but they do not even compare to the bowls from Paradise!
I then wandered a bit around Manhattan Beach and went into all of the cute boutiques that they have. Manhattan also has one of my other favorite restaurants Lemonade. Ugh, the guava limeade is seriously amazing!
Around three the sun finally came out in Manhattan and I captured this photo as I walked along the water. 

I ended my day with biking back and hitting up a new favorite store in Marina Del Rey Irene's Story. I bought the cutest dress for Thanksgiving and am so stoked to wear it!

Sunday was pretty uneventful as it usually is. A few friends and I journeyed to the beach to relax and read. It was a little chilly for the water, but nice to lay out for a bit and soak up the sun. I'm currently reading Becoming The Boss by Lindsey Pollak. She came and spoke at LMU the other week and I absolutely loved everything she had to say! Her book is such a great read for millennials!

Cheers to a great week ahead!


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  1. love seeing this look into your life, I wish I was so close to the beach!
    xo, Hannah