Friday, December 2, 2016

{Gift Guide} The College Girl

Gift Guide: the college girl
Hello all! Oh my goodness, it's December! Real quick holiday shop is LIVE! I've done a holiday shop for the past couple years and now you can shop my holiday gift picks here! First semester at LMU has seriously flown by and been so so much fun! I've met so many amazing people and had such a fun time exploring LA and campus as well. Going home for Thanksgiving marked the holiday season for me because I was finally introduced to winter weather. It was actually quite refreshing to be in cold weather and have it actually feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas time. Los Angeles is always pretty mild, but has cooled down just a bit since the end of November and December. But, I still wake up every day with the sun shining and not having to wear a coat.

Today I'm sharing the first gift guide for the holiday season! As I college girl I definitely know a few things that I could use this year for Christmas. I can't even begin to explain how much money I've spent on Uber rides to and from parties or even just to different locations in LA. Uber now offers gift cards at all different prices. This is something I'd definitely love to receive this Christmas. Other gift cards like Starbucks and Target are always good gift ideas too! Ugg slippers are another item that would be perfect for any college student. Community bathrooms are absolutely disgusting and the worst and having a comfy pair of slippers to slide on before heading to the bathroom are essential. 

I've mentioned this product before but the JimmyCASE is seriously the best phone case for college students. It's so nice to have a stylish way to store my debit card, state ID and student ID in one convenient location. This is especially perfect for going out because you only have to carry one thing and it has everything you need! My current agenda (Sugar Paper for Target) is quickly filling up for the end of the year and I'm in need of a new one! I absolutely love this fun agenda or if you're looking for something pricier, the Erin Condren life planner is absolutely stunning (and helpful).

Shop all of my gift picks for college girls below! Stay tuned for more gift guides and fun holiday posts in the making!

Xoxo & have a great weekend!

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