Monday, December 5, 2016

{Gift Guide} The Guys

Gift Guide: the guys

For some reason guys seem to be the most difficult to shop for. The only guys I really ever have to shop for are my brother and my dad. There's usually something on the top of their list that I can get for them, or there's something classic that they always love. For my dad, flannels are always a go-to. I bought him a flannel from Gap in sixth grade for Christmas and he's been wearing it ever since. For my brother Brian, something sporty is usually my go-to. Although, he's a huge fan of J.Crew socks and thrifted sweaters as well. Today I'm sharing the usual items I gift to the men in my life, plus some newer items that I think so many guys would love! Whichever guys are on your list, I'm sure they'd love something from my picks!

I tried to do a few different price ranges, depending on how much you were looking to spend on the gift. A good pair of shoes are always a good gift, especially these Sorel for J.Crew boots and Timberlands. As much as Timbs have become a trend in recent years, my dad's been wearing Timbs as work boots for as long as I can remember. They are such a quality shoe that will be sure to last. As I mentioned before flannels are always a go-to and I love this blue and green check one

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