Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy Winter Break!

As you're reading this I am hopefully on my flight back home or already home! I am forever thankful that I was able to take my final early and turn in a portfolio early because it meant that I could get home earlier than expected. As much as I love LMU and being at school, the past week has been very difficult for my sanity. If you read this post then you know about the stress of last week and all of the things that happened in my life.

One thing I never even thought about was all of the exciting things that are coming with second semester. Rushing a sorority has been a dream of mine for so long and I finally get to during second semester at LMU. I am excited for this experience because my mom absolutely loved her sorority experience during college and is still close friends with many of her sorority sisters.

However, with all the excitement of second semester I am so excited to spend a few weeks relaxing at home. As much as I was way more excited to go home just a few weeks ago for Thanksgiving break it will still be so nice to head home. I think Thanksgiving was more hype because I hadn't seen my family or friends since I left for school. This break will be much more relaxing however, because I have much more time off.

I'm looking forward to doing a cookie decorating party with friends, buying Christmas gifts for relatives, spending time by the fire with my parents and even going to Mexico for New Year's Eve. I feel like commuting between LA and Chicago is a bit of chore (it's almost a four hour flight), but it makes it so worth it when you finally arrive at your final destination. As scared as I am, I'm ready to attempt to brave the cold weather that is Chicago. Currently, I've been bundling up in Patagonia sweaters and J.Crew vests while the weather never reaches below sixty degrees.

To all college students: good luck on whatever finals you have left. You can do it!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post: my Christmas wishlist!


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  1. Good luck with sorority recruitment!! I've absolutely loved being in a sorority, and it definitely made my first semester of college so much more amazing. I can't wait to see where you find your home.

    xx, Julianna {}