Thursday, May 25, 2017

Three Recipes To Try This Summer

One of the best things about being home from school is having a real kitchen that I can actually cook in. I'm so excited to live in an apartment next year and actually have a full sized kitchen so I don't have to eat dining hall food. I'm determined to spend this summer trying new recipes and perfecting a few different dishes that I can make next year for my roommates and me. Here are three fun summer recipes to try!
 Get the original recipe here! When I went to school I didn't really like pasta all that much, but my roommate being obsessed with Italian food and forcing me to eat it constantly definitely changed my opinion. This pasta looks sooo delicious just from the picture, but it also has arugula and burrata in a garlic lemon sauce. I think adding pine nuts to this dish would be so delicious too!!
 With my summer job starting soon I'm definitely on the lookout for easy and healthy breakfasts to eat before work in the morning. These yogurt popsicles with granola look so amazing and super refreshing for the summer. Check out the recipe here; and the fun part is you can change up the yogurt flavor with whatever you like! I definitely want to try out a peach flavor with pistachios. 
Wow okay do I even need to convince you that these cookies are delicious? Just look at that photo! S'mores are probably my favorite summer treat and this new take on them looks so so good. I definitely want to try these out this summer and see which I like better: classic s'mores or s'mores cookies!

Do you have any summer recipes to share? Comment below! Also, which one looks the best to you?!


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