Thursday, June 1, 2017

5 Facts About Me

Sorry for the delay on this week's posts. I was out of town for Memorial Day weekend and then was having a ton of issues with Blogger/my internet when I returned!

I feel like when I first started blogging I did posts like this so often. I wanted my readers to "get to know me" so I posted more about me kind of posts like this or this (if you want a chuckle go read them). It's funny though because I legit wrote things like "lives that nautical life" and "my favorite foods are chicken nuggets, fruit snacks and gluten free pasta". I like to think that I have matured a little bit since writing those blogs, but I still think it's fun to share information about myself that you might not know just from reading this blog. 

Also, I have to give credit to Fran because I totally copied her on this post idea. I loved reading her post and wanted to try it out on my own! Be sure to read hers because I learned so much about her that I had never known just from reading her blog.
1. No one really calls me Kate

Haha, you're probably like what, why is your blog called A Sprinkle of Kate then? When I initially was born I was named Katelyn with the intention that my name would be shortened to Kate. But, no one really calls me Kate. My dad, a few family members and my brother/his friends call me Kate, but that's pretty much it. My last name is May so most people at school call me Kmay because it's short and easy. It's just funny to me though because when I created A Sprinkle of Kate I was debating if I wanted to go by Kate when I went away to school, but I honestly think if people were only calling me Kate I probably wouldn't even respond or realize that was my name. 

2. I love to spend time alone

As much as I love my friends, I absolutely love spending time alone. Just something about me and my computer and my bed is an endless love affair. Going to college has made me much more dependent on people because in high school I had no problem sitting or walking somewhere alone, but in college I don't necessarily like doing that. When I'm with my friends I love to spend time with them, but just something about being alone is super super nice.

3. I absolutely love YouTube

I'd be lying if I said I haven't spent a good portion of my life watching YouTube videos. I'm definitely more into the Vlogger type videos rather than like the beauty gurus, but I just love watching YouTube videos. I'm actually subscribed to over 100 channels and it's kind of ridiculous, but I just love watching different videos for all sorts of reasons; morning routines, workout routines, daily vlogs and meal-prep videos are some of my favorites.

4. I'm 5'9"

Maybe you're able to tell from photos, but I'm actually pretty tall. For the longest time I was a pretty average height, but in eighth grade I sprouted and then continued to grow throughout high school. My height is kind of random though because my Dad is only 6'2" and my mom is somewhere around 5'6". My brother who is three years younger than me is a few inches taller than me, but my sister who is two years older is only like 5'5". I actually like being tall, because I love my long legs. Plus, I can always see at concerts lol.

5.  I type 100 words per minute

I really don't even know how this came to be honestly, but I'm super fast at typing. In middle school we always had to do these typing tests and if you got more than 50 words per minute you didn't have to do the like typing warmup every day, you could just have free time. And at the end of the week we would have a contest where everyone would take a typing test and whoever had the highest score would win a prize. I kid you not every single week I won this challenge because no one's score was nearly as high as mine. Towards the end of the year though I started to just let other people win because I felt bad haha. Typing quickly definitely has its benefits though because I save so much time when writing papers.

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  1. Its nice to read the 5 facts about me (Kate). You are a really nice and funny person. The second fact whoch you have described is similar to me. I also like to spend the time alone.

  2. My baby sister is Katherine but we always called her Kate growing up. It was strange that when she went to college she went by Katherine only so it still throws me when we meet up with her college group. Jess at Just Jess

  3. I definitely spend more time watching vlogs than reading blogs! It's so fun to see what other people are up to!

    Renee // Gimme Glamour