Monday, June 26, 2017

LMU Freshman Dorm Tour

Wow, this is extremely delayed but I figured better late than never. Today I'm sharing my freshman year dorm tour video. If any of you are headed to college in the fall I wanted to share a very realistic freshman dorm room. I've seen so many different dorm tours on blogs and some of the dorms I see are just unreal. Maybe I'm just messy and can't keep a dorm perfectly organized/clean haha. So here's my real life dorm in the works during September. By January things had changed a little bit and my walls were covered in a bit more because at this point in time they were just plain white walls. Anyways, I tried to link everything in the description of the video so you can find it easily if you're looking to snag it for your dorm room or apartment.

My roommate and I went with a black, white, gray and gold theme which worked out perfectly. I liked that our bedding was coordinating, but not matching. It allowed for us to have an individual look on each side, but nothing was clashing. A few of my favorite things in my room: this rug from Costco is extremely well-priced and also amazing quality. It really made the room feel super cozy and also kept our feet off the gross carpeting in the room. Another amazing addition to the room, this chaise lounge. It was so nice to have a place for guests to sit when they were in our room (usually complaining about their roommates lol) or for people to spend the night. Sarah and I didn't have too many visitors, but when they did it was so nice for them to have an actual place to sleep, rather than just on the floor. Not gonna lie, I've slept on the futon a few times too and it's honestly super comfortable!


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