Wednesday, June 28, 2017

{Outfit} My Favorite Top Ever

You've probably seen a few of these photos in my SF recap post that you can read here, but I wanted to formally share with you the details of this outfit. When I was in SF I needed outfits that were cute for photos, but also were comfortable for walking around all day and exploring. On this particular day we ended up hiking around 4 miles, half of which was uphill. I knew for this day I wanted to wear something comfortable and breathable, but not necessarily athleisure. My top is from a local California boutique, but I found a few options that are very similar.

The best thing about this top is that it's ridiculously soft. The style is very similar to Free People, but the store I purchased it from is probably half the price of the FP version. I'm wearing the classic Stan Smith's which honestly I only bought because everyone else in the world seemed to have them. The first three months of owning them I wore them twice, this outfit being the second time I wore them. But now I wear them for work every day and realized why everyone loves them so much! They literally look good with anything and are soo comfortable to be worn all day!
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  1. Outfit is just awesome top and i love it. You have a wonderful choice and i hoped you had a great time enjoying and seeing life with a fun eye. Loved your blog.